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Things You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions Remover

Things You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions Remover

It's really annoying your eyelash extensions are going to shedding after applied for about one month. Every Lash Stylist knows that there are certain times when an existing set of eyelash extensions is better off than on. However, it’s not always due to a negative application. Although there may be many reasons why a full removal is requested or needed. We've received a lot of messages that over 60% of people have bad experiences for lash extensions removed.  

Here are some hacks to remove your lash extensions gently.


  1. Apply the glue remover

Take a cotton ball and apply the adhesive remover onto it, taking care to use plenty of product so that the entire ball is damp. Close one eye and use your fingers to pull down the upper lid of your lashes, so that they are pointing downwards and the lash line is more easily visible. Beginning at the outer corner of your eyelid, rub the soaked cotton ball in small, gentle circular motions across the lash line where the eyelash extensions meet your natural lashes, going back and forth until the area has been well worked. You may want to repeat this process about 15-20 times back and forth before continuing on to the next step.


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  2. Pull out the loosened extensions

Take care to be gentle with your natural lashes when pulling out loosened extensions. You never want to tug or pull very hard on your natural lashes, and if the glue remover worked correctly, the eyelash extensions should easily slide off your lashes. Remove each extension by hand using your thumb and forefinger, and watch as more lashes continue to slip off your natural hairs effortlessly.

  3. use lash glue remover on your eyelash extensions

If you’re unable to make it into the salon for professional lash removal, purchasing a glue remover should do the trick. Lash glue remover is intended to loosen the adhesive, allowing you to carefully remove your eyelash extensions after applying the product.

Hope this post helpful to you~


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