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Things Need to Kanow About Eyelash Extensions

Things Need to Kanow About Eyelash Extensions

I believe there are still a lot of girls who love lash extensions but still don't know much about what need to attention before and after eyelash extensions, so let's have a further discussion about it.


Q:Will eyelash extensions make my real eyelashes less?

A:The human skin is supposed to metabolize, and so are real eyelashes. If the false eyelashes happen to stick to your real eyelashes that are about to metabolize, then when the real eyelashes fall off, the false eyelashes will also fall off, but this is not a bad skill on the part of the mascara artist.


Q:Do I need to clean my eyelashes after extensions?

A:Yes, it is necessary, there will be dust when you go out, so it is important to clean your eyelashes every day, but please note that you should not use oil-based cleaning products to clean your eyelashes, because the black glue on the eyelashes is afraid of oil, so avoid using it to avoid affecting the permanence of the extensions.


Q:Will the eyelash extensions be uncomfortable?

A:No, a good eyelash instructor will not make you feel uncomfortable during the eyelash extension process because the false glue is stuck to the real eyelashes and is 0.5 to 1mm away from the eyelid, so it won't touch the eyelid.


Q:Can I still wear eyeliner or eye shadow after getting eyelash extensions?

A: After eyelash extensions, you can use eye shadow and eyeliner as normal, but remember to use oil-free products so that the longevity of your eyelash extensions is not affected. If you need to engage in sports or water activities, you can apply an eyelash raincoat to prevent your extensions from falling off.


From the above points, girls who love beauty, do you have a clear understanding?

I believe that girls who love beauty will not be lazy, so as long as they understand the precautions of eyelash extensions, there will be no so-called myths, so that the eyelash extensions can last longer!


Finally, I'd like to share with you how I take care of my eyelashes after getting extensions:

1. avoid using oily eye care products and cleansing products.

2.  Avoid sleeping on your side, because sleeping on your side may cause excessive pressure or friction on one side of your eyelashes, which may cause them to fall off easily.

3. You can use an eyelash raincoat to make your lashes look more neat and uncluttered. 

4. You can use eyelash growth lotion after extensions to maintain your eyelashes without disruption.

5. Make sure to avoid rubbing your eyes, and if they are itchy, brush them with a mascara brush.

6. If your lashes touch water in the shower, use a lint-free towel or sponge to gently absorb the water, or a hair dryer to dry them slightly.

7. Don't skip cleaning your eyelashes for fear that they will fall off.

The most important thing is to choose your eyelash technician carefully, a good eyelash extension technique will make you lashes keep longer.