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Things About Eyelash Extensions Glue Valid Time

Things About Eyelash Extensions Glue Valid Time

It's always important to choose the right lash glue when doing lash extensions work, which determines how long it will take after aplication. The effect and durability of eyelash grafting are inseparable from the glue, because everyone's skin is different, and the results will be different due to objective factors such as absorption, weather, and environment.

How long is the shelf life of eyelash glue? In fact, the shelf life of eyelash glue has little to do with which country or brand. It mainly depends on the ingredients contained in the glue. The shelf life of eyelash glue is different from unopened and opened. 

Eyelash glue has a validity period of 3 months with solvents and a validity period of 3 years without solvents. Solvents (VOC) are volatile organic compounds, which have a huge impact on human health. When the VOC in the room reaches a certain concentration, people will feel headache and nausea in a short time.

Solvent-containing glue: The general validity period is 3-6 months (unopened); it will start to solidify and become sticky in about 2 months. Especially the more the solvent content, the shorter the shelf life will be. Solvent-containing glue has a short shelf life, because the glue combines with water vapor in the air, the solvent evaporates, the bonding agent polymerizes and exothermics, so that the contact surface forms a strong viscosity. When the viscosity reaches a certain level, the glue will not be firm, that is, " Invalid".

Solvent-free glue: The general validity period is 3 years (unopened); if it is placed in the original bottle for more than 3 years, although the adhesive force of the glue will decrease a little, the glue will not dry up or become sticky.

In the unopened state, the shelf life of solvent-free glue is about 3 years. The same reason is that it does not contain solvents, it is not easy to absorb moisture in the air to solidify and become viscous, and the validity period becomes longer and easier to store. Even if the solvent-free glue is opened, the validity period can be about one month as long as it is properly kept.

In order to speed up the curing speed of eyelash glue and reduce costs, most domestic and foreign manufacturers will add solvents to control the curing speed. Because the glue without solvent is exposed to the moisture in the air to solidify, the glue with solvent will actively grab the moisture in the air and solidify.

Precautions for eyelash glue:

1. If false eyelash glue accidentally splashes on your eyes, you should seek medical advice immediately.

2. False eyelash glue is easy to solidify in cold weather.

3. Eyes are prone to allergies. If you have sensitive skin, you need to do an allergy test before using false eyelash glue.

The mucus for eyelash grafting is best to be packed in a small bottle at a time, and try to avoid secondary use. If really needed, it needs to be sealed in time after use and placed in a cool place. Place in high temperature, expose to the sun.



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