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Things About Bottom Lash Extensions

Things About Bottom Lash Extensions

We all know that applying eyelashes are generally grafting the upper eyelashes, but the bottom eyelashes have a great impact on the eyes. Doing the bottom eyelashes will make the eyes more coordinated, making the eyes look bigger and more charming.

So what are the advantages and precautions of applying the bottom eyelashes?


1. Applying 5-10 roots can make the eyes look bigger and look smaller;

2. The number of grafts is small, so the keep time is relatively shorter;

3. Complementing the upper eyelashes, the eyes appear bigger More godly.

Note: The bottom eyelashes are shorter, and the durability after grafting is worse than that of the upper eyelashes, so you must explain clearly to the customer before grafting.

Let's take a look at which customers are not suitable for grafting their lower eyelashes! People who are not suitable for applying bottom lashes:

1. The bottom eyelashes grow in reverse, because the eyelashes may touch the cornea, so grafting is not recommended;

2. When there are no bottom eyelashes or the number of bottom eyelashes is very small, the gap between the eyelashes is too large and it will appear after grafting. Very awkward, grafting is not recommended if the number of grafts is less than 5;

3. When the grafting is not possible at a safe distance, it will easily cause the eyelashes to fall off faster, so grafting is not recommended;

4. The lower eyelashes are too thin and white, which may affect the growth of their own eyelashes, Grafting is not recommended.

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