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How to Brush Your Lashes Properly

How to Brush Your Lashes Properly

Eyelash extensions have the power to completely change your beauty routine. As one beauty blogger put it while attending a skincare launch event, "with eyelash extensions, you wake up and you're ready to go." Too true. You wouldn’t leave the house without brushing the hair on your head and you shouldn’t do so with your eyelash extensions either! Brush your eyelash extensions to keep your lashes stunning and clean. In fact, if you do one thing to maintain your lashes in between fills, it should be to brush them daily.

Brushing your lashes may seem like an easy part of your at-home care routine, but you’d be surprised at how improper brushing can lead to poor retention. To make sure you’re brushing your lashes the right way, here are a few tips you can use to ensure flawless fluff when brushing at home.

Use the right tool. Again, this may seem obvious but it’s very important. You should only be using a disposable mascara brush or eyebrow brush to fluff your lashes. Not a fine-tooth hair comb and not your fingers! If you opt for something non-disposable, make sure it stays clean. Cleaning the brush before brushing your lashes will help keep bacteria away from your eyes.

Brush your lashes for 10-15 seconds a day. Don’t overdo it! Averaging this amount of time will ensure that you’re taking extra effort to carefully untangle any lashes. It’s also very important not to brush your extensions too close to the base of your lashes. When applied correctly, extensions have adhered to the base of the natural lash, therefore, brushing them too close to the base can cause the lashes to lift and come off prematurely. Brushing them from the middle of the lashes up is the best method that will help prevent crisscrossed lashes without causing damage.

Above all, don’t pick at or pull your extensions when brushing them (or otherwise!) Pulling at them will cause the extension, and even your natural lash, to fall out. Remember that the base of your lashes is delicate because it’s where your extensions were applied. Be gentle and use slow motions. It took a lot of hard work to give you great lashes, so it’s worth a little extra time to keep them looking great!

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