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Extending the life of your lash extensions

Extending the life of your lash extensions

Following are some tips for extending the life of your eyelash extensions:

  • Stay away from thicker extensions. This may seem to counter the very reason you are getting extensions in the first place, but there is a reason for this advice: thicker eyelash extensions are heavier, and are therefore more likely to peel off. Lighter individual lashes may not create as dramatic an effect on your eyes, but they will stay on longer than thicker lashes, providing more benefits in that way.
  • Apply eyelash coating. Eyelash coatings, when applied every morning, can help to extend the life of your eyelash extensions. Look for sealers that contain both acrylic and hyaluronic serum, as this will both help your extensions adhere better and also condition your natural eyelashes.
  • Keep your face off your pillow at night. It’s not hard to understand why sleeping with your face on your pillow can pull your eyelash extensions out–especially if you ever move your face around while you are sleeping. Instead, try to sleep on your back (with a pillow under your knees for improved comfort) so that your eyelash extensions aren’t touched throughout the night.
  • Match to your natural eyelash shape. This may also seem counter-intuitive, especially since you may want curly lashes if your own is super-straight, but matching your eyelash extensions to the shape of your natural eyelashes can help to ensure that they last longer. You can always use a heated eyelash curler to liven up straight extensions, but this way they won’t fall out prematurely.
  • Don’t use waterproof mascara. While one of the main points of eyelash extensions is to negate the need for mascara, there are still some rare occasions when just a little mascara is called for. Waterproof mascara is made to be somewhat indestructible, which can make them very difficult to remove. The effort you expend to try and clean waterproof mascara off your eyelash extensions may very well pull them right off, or at least weaken them considerably.
  • Be gentle with your eyelash extensions. Obviously, the more you avoid touching and rubbing your eyelash extensions, the longer they will last. Use mild, low-alkaline soap to remove any eye makeup and use oil-free makeup removers. When brushing your eyelash extensions, brush down and out with very light pressure.

 Just as is the case with your natural eyelashes, eyelash extensions are fragile, but when they are well taken care of, they can last longer and provide you with the many beauty benefits you truly desire.

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