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The Risk of Reusing False Lashes

The Risk of Reusing False Lashes

For false eyelashes, the harder the material, the less likely it is to deform and the more times it will be reused. Conversely, the softer the material, the easier it is to deform and the fewer times it can be reused. For example, nylon plastic false eyelashes can be reused more than 20 times if properly maintained; cotton thread and real hair false eyelashes can be used about 5 times if properly maintained; and ordinary false eyelashes can be used up to 5-6 times. To extend the life of false eyelashes, you must also pay attention to their maintenance.


Risk of Repeated Use of False Eyelashes

Because the eyes are mucous membranes, a little bit of germs can cause eye problems in the blink of an eye. Please understand that repeated use of false eyelashes increases the risk of certain eye problems.


Skin conditions

Especially if you have sensitive skin, you should be careful when using false eyelashes. Many people have problems with the skin around their eyes because the glue used to wear false eyelashes does not match their skin. For people with delicate skin, it is not recommended to use the same pair of false eyelashes or glue over and over again.


Eye diseases caused by bacteria

It seems that it is not uncommon for bacteria to enter the mucous membrane of the eye while wearing false eyelashes. ...... Repeated use of the same pair of false eyelashes increases the risk of bacteria entering the eye, so please be careful not to touch the mucous membrane when wearing false eyelashes.


Seek medical attention as soon as possible if you experience any suspicious symptoms

In the unlikely event that something happens to your eyes, be sure to seek medical attention. Even if the symptoms are trivial, early medical attention may prevent more serious eye diseases. People who wear false eyelashes frequently must be vigilant about conditions around their eyes. Leaving an inflammation or rash unattended can lead to irreversible and serious illness.


False eyelashes are not reusable if without good care. False eyelashes are a beauty and skincare specialty tool often used by girls seeking beauty and skincare. It is effective in instantly enlarging the eyes and making them look more beautiful. Long, thin lashes make a girl look more charming and attractive. In everyday life, some girls use false eyelashes repeatedly, which is very incorrect. Repeated use of false eyelashes will not only jeopardize the actual effect of beauty and skin care, but will also continue to harm the eye area. A more serious problem is that repeated use of false eyelashes can easily cause bacterial infections.

The constant use of false eyelashes will result in a certain level of deformation, which greatly endangers the beauty of the eyes. In addition, when false eyelashes are applied, glue is rubbed on the roots. If they are constantly applied, the root of the eyelashes will harden and will not easily stick to the eyelid.

Eyelashes that are constantly applied are also very prone to germs. When germs get into the eye, they can cause corneal ulcers and even damage. It is also important to brush on the proper mascara after applying false eyelashes to enhance the actual effect of the lushness. If you do not remove the mascara completely, the mascara appendages can cause environmental contamination to the false eyelashes.

This residue can cause damage to the eyes when it enters the eye with the false eyelashes. False eyelashes should not be used repeatedly, either for physical and mental health or for the actual effect of beauty care. Therefore, for better physical and mental health of your own eyes, and to have beautiful and generous eyes, it is important to pay attention to hygiene when applying false eyelashes and avoid reuse.



False eyelashes have become a necessity for women who love beauty. Those who wear false eyelashes almost every day are also careful with their spending. To improve the CP value of your false eyelashes, try to take care of them carefully. Removing makeup and sebum and keeping them clean will make them more durable. The more you take care of them, the longer they will last!

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