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Eye Makeup After Getting Eyelash Extensions

Eye Makeup After Getting Eyelash Extensions

How to apply eye makeup after getting eyelash extensions? 

Just follow your normal makeup habits as before, but you can skip the eyeliner step. Because the thicker eyelashes from the eyelash extensions will have the visual effect of invisible eyeliner, you can skip the eyeliner step in this part of the eye makeup. This is also good for the eyelash extensions themselves, as it avoids more cosmetic contact with the extensions and makes subsequent cleaning easier. Of course, it's not that you can't wear eyeliner on your eyelash extensions, it's just that it's advisable to wear less eyeliner in order to keep the eyelash effect better. Because mascara or eyeliner is an oily beauty product, when it comes in contact with eyelash extensions, the oily substance in it will react with the glue that binds real and fake eyelashes and dissolve them, thus reducing the adhesiveness of the extensions and the effectiveness of the eyelash extensions. The adhesion of the glue will also be affected, so it is recommended to draw less or no eyeliner to better maintain the eyelash effect. It is also not recommended to wear eye makeup for a short period of time after eyelash extensions, as the glue may not be completely dry at this time. If you get some water or makeup on your eyelashes, it will also affect the adhesive effect. It is also best not to leave your eyelashes in water or in a wet place for a long time after the extensions have been applied to ensure that the glue does not affect the bonding effect and that the eyelashes last longer. It is also important to be extra gentle when applying eye makeup to avoid tearing the lashes off with too much force and affecting the results. The less you touch your eyelash extensions, the better, so that they last longer.


How to remove eye makeup after eyelash extensions correctly?

Makeup remover will do. Makeup remover is a milder makeup remover because glue is used in eyelash extensions. If you use makeup remover oil to remove the makeup, the oily substance will dissolve the glue and cause the extensions to fall off. Apply makeup remover to your eyes with a cotton pad and let it dissolve the makeup on your eyes. Then wipe gently, paying attention to the direction from the root outwards, and be gentle to avoid excessive force that could cause the lashes to fall off. If the mascara at the root of the eyelashes is not easy to remove, you can use a cotton swab with makeup remover to wipe it off to avoid residue. Our eye skin and eyelashes are very fragile, so although makeup remover oil has a stronger cleaning ability, we still need to choose a gentle texture makeup remover that can still achieve a clean effect without damaging the skin and eyelashes. Of course, there are now eye makeup remover on the market, the texture is more mild, the eye skin stimulation effect is also smaller.

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