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How to Take Care of False Lashes

How to Take Care of False Lashes

If you repeatedly remove dirt and dry them like this, they will last longer than we expected. Take good care of your false eyelashes after removing makeup, and hope they last as long as possible!


The key to replacing false eyelashes

The purpose of daily maintenance is to make your false eyelashes last as long as possible, but no matter how carefully you take care of them, they still have a certain lifespan. What is the best time to replace your false eyelashes? Please pay more attention to this part.


About 2 weeks after opening

Although it varies depending on the type of false eyelashes, please remember that the lifespan of false eyelashes is roughly 2 weeks. No matter how carefully you take care of them, after 2 weeks of use, it becomes increasingly difficult to prevent them from deteriorating.


Even if you wear them only once every 2-3 days and let them rest before going back to work, they will still be difficult to wear after 2 weeks or so. If you wear them every day, the life expectancy may be even shorter. To extend the life of your false eyelashes, it's best to rotate the use of multiple pairs of false eyelashes. This way, the burden on each pair of false eyelashes can be reduced and they will last longer.


Deformed stems or uneven false eyelashes

Beautiful false eyelashes are individual and well-defined. However, when the quality of the eyelashes deteriorates over time, they will begin to look uneven and lose their distinctive appearance. Before putting on false eyelashes, make sure they are not uneven, and replace them if they have lost hair or become sparse.


Also, the part of the eyelash that is attached to the eyelid is called the stalk, and if the stalk is no longer straight and twisted, it's a sign that it's time to replace it. In the end, once the stalk is deformed, it's hard to fit on your eyelid, and even if it does, it can easily fall off. If these flaws start to appear, get a new pair of false eyelashes.


False eyelashes that are damaged when removed

If you accidentally break your false eyelashes when you remove them from your eyelashes, replace them with new ones and don't force yourself to continue using them. Some false eyelashes with strong glue adhesion are easy to tear if you are not careful. In particular, broken stems and detached hairs are common problems when removing false eyelashes. If this happens, please replace them as soon as possible.


Use up all opened false eyelashes as soon as possible, but store unopened ones for up to 3 years.

In addition to the quality of the eyelashes themselves, don't forget that the glue used with them also has a shelf life. It is also important to use up the glue as soon as possible. If you save the glue and use the product for a long time, it may cause eye problems, so please be careful. Unopened products must also be used up within three years.



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