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How to Clean and Reuse False Lashes

How to Clean and Reuse False Lashes

"How many times can I use false eyelashes? I'm sure we all have this question. False eyelashes are not something that can be thrown away after use, but can be reused many times with proper care. This article will introduce how to take care of false eyelashes and how to maintain them for a longer period of time. In addition, we will also talk about the timing of replacing false eyelashes, when the false eyelashes become what kind of condition, it means it is time to replace them? Please pay attention to these things so that you don't miss the opportunity to replace them!

If you take good care of them, you can use them many times.

Many people use false eyelashes in order to add volume to their eyelashes. Some may throw them away after use, but with proper care, they can be reused many times over.

Here's how to be careful with false eyelashes and how to make them last longer. Although you want to use them over and over again, false eyelashes usually become messy and unusable very quickly. ...... If you are in this situation, you may not be taking care of your false eyelashes the right way, so let's remember the right way to take care of them!

Maintenance methods to improve the durability of false eyelashes

To make false eyelashes more durable, what should we do? False eyelashes are designed to be reusable, and although they may vary depending on the product, on average they seem to last about 5-7 times. So it's a waste to use them up and throw them away .......

In addition, some high-priced false eyelashes can be used more than 10 times, so please take good care of them and maintain their quality to facilitate reuse. When it comes to the basic maintenance of false eyelashes, it's all about removing dirt.

After a long day of makeup, false eyelashes can get covered in makeup, human sebum, and other dirt. If you let this dirt go, the quality of your false eyelashes will deteriorate quickly. After removing your false eyelashes, soak them in warm water to dissolve the dirt and allow it to float out. After soaking for a while, you should see dirt floating up in the warm water.

Once the dirt has dissolved to a certain level, remove from the warm water and wipe off the water with a clean cotton pad. However, depending on the nature of the false eyelashes, some products are not water resistant, so do not soak them in warm water, but wet a cotton pad and wipe them carefully. Wait until the eyelashes are dry, then store them in the box. This is the basic care of false eyelashes.

Although you don't need to clean them with soap or makeup remover, they can trap a lot of dirt between your lashes after repeated use. Use a cotton swab to remove the dirt carefully. If there is dirt that cannot be removed even with warm water, use an eye makeup remover to clean it.

It is also important to dry the washed lashes. Place them in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight. If you use half-dried false eyelashes, they can cause germs to grow, so wait until they are completely dry before using them.

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