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The Correct Way to Use Lash Glue in Summer

The Correct Way to Use Lash Glue in Summer

The effect and durability of eyelash grafting are inextricably linked to the glue, because each person's skin is different, and it will also cause different results due to absorption, weather, environment and other objective factors.

For example, on rainy days or in summer when indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity are high, the surface of the glue dries faster than inside. When the glue can't dry well, the newly grafted eyelashes will have a whitening phenomenon. What should we do?

Use of glue

First, wake up glue Before using the glue each time, fully wake up the glue, hold the bottle body in the right hand and strike it back and forth under the left and right sides of the large fish for 80-100 times, so that the glue components are fully merged; when dipping the glue, fast in and out, let the roots stain Apply a small glue dot, and then quickly apply the real eyelashes, let the glue wrap the real and false eyelashes.

Second, split the lashes

The increase in temperature and humidity in summer will affect the curing speed of the glue. In order to avoid the glue application speed is too slow, the glue will be semi-dry in the air, resulting in false adherence, so you can't dip the glue first and then slowly divide the lashes.

Last, Adhesive change

In summer, it is necessary to change the glue more frequently. If you use it for 15 minutes, you need to re-drop the new glue to avoid false submission. Every detail is handled in order to ensure that the eyelashes will not last!


After the temperature starts to increase slowly in summer, pay more attention to the cleansing of the eye oil to avoid causing the eyelashes to fall faster. At the same time, we also remind customers not to use grease-containing makeup, makeup remover, and skincare products, so as not to speed up the fall of lash extensions!

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