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Must-have Lash Extensions Tools

Must-have Lash Extensions Tools

As the saying goes: if you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools. To become a professional eyelash artist, the choice of tools and accessories products in the process of eyelash grafting is also very important. We don't have to have everything, but we must have the essentials.

Today, I will talk about the various auxiliary products used for eyelash applying, but because there are so many tools and various products involved, here are just some essentials. Whenever you encounter other things, you can choose according to your own situation.


Tweezers come in various shapes and materials, and many students do not know how to choose. The first thing to know is the use of tweezers. Generally, they are dividing hairs, picking single roots, and multiple roots (flowering). Some are universal. This depends on personal habits. Basically, straight tweezers or curved tweezers will do. In terms of the material of tweezers, steel is more common, heavier, and the price is lower; titanium alloy is ultra-light tweezers, with better accuracy and higher price.

Lash Glue

The types of glue can be roughly divided into slow-drying, medium-drying, and quick-drying. This is selected according to your own operating speed. In addition, there is a tasteless glue, but it has a relatively short lasting time. For conventional grafting, choose a low-odor and anti-allergic glue. Add the storage problem of glue: the storage environment of glue is normal temperature, sealed and dry. Regardless of whether the glue is opened or not, it can not be used permanently, and the general shelf life is 1-2 months. After each use of glue, clean the bottle mouth in time before tightening it to prevent the bottle mouth from being blocked and to prevent accelerated glue aging.

Some aftercare products like lash brushes, lash shampoo, and micro brushes also are essential. 

Above are just a little common lash extensions tools, you can select what you need to depend on yourself❤

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