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Keep Your Lash Extensions Longer in Summer

Keep Your Lash Extensions Longer in Summer

Summer is here, and many customers report that their eyelashes are falling fast. Learn these tricks, the eyelash extensions will be more longlasting, get it quickly!


3 Steps for Cleaning

Step 1

"clean cotton pad" remove eye makeup Uses: To clean eye makeup/cosmetic residues.

How to use: Take one piece and wipe the entire eye in all directions.

Operation process: wipe all directions, including upper and lower eyelids, eyelids, and roots of eyelashes.

Analysis and explanation: to avoid customers going home to remove eye makeup, wet the glue that has not been completely shaped, the golden maintenance time is six to eight hours, and it is not easy to touch the water.

Step 2

"Use lash shampoo" to deeply clean the eye oil

Uses: Clean the oil and dust on the eyes to avoid accelerating the fall of false eyelashes.

How to use: Spray 2-4 times with a cotton pad and wipe gently on the eyes.

Operation process: wipe the upper, lower, left, and right of the eye all over. Matters needing attention: summer oil and fat secretion should be cleaned twice.

Analysis and explanation: Eye grease will affect the glue adhesion. Before use, the cleaning solution will open the scales of the real eyelashes to improve the adhesion of the glue.

Step 3

saline Uses: Anti-inflammatory, calm, and open the scales of real eyelashes, better glue absorption, flush the eyeballs.

How to use: Take an appropriate amount of normal saline and gently wipe or directly rinse the eyes.

Operation process: Take an appropriate amount of physiological saline drops on a clean cotton sheet and gently wipe the entire eye, or directly squeeze an appropriate amount of physiological saline with a curved mouth pot to rinse the eye.

The analysis shows that the saline is neutral, which will keep the open scales open continuously.

Small blower (or lash fan), spiral comb

How to use: After cleaning, turn on the air blower (or air blower), blow dry with a spiral comb and blow-dry for one minute.

Note: Blow for 2 minutes in winter.

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