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Color Your Lash Extensions by Fadlash

Color Your Lash Extensions by Fadlash

Color eyelash extensions are divided into gradient color and full color. Ombre color can be matched at will. However, full-color matching needs to pay attention to methods. Grafting treatment of colored eyelashes will have an eye shadow feeling, and it will have an unexpected effect on the color lens.

The relatively low-key colors can be grafted with the whole eye or sandwich (for example brown, caramel, dark green, blue-purple, etc.) The dazzling color is not suitable for full-eye grafting, it will be unnatural and exaggerated (for example pink, fluorescent green, bright yellow, orange, etc.)

There are several ways that dazzling is more suitable for applying

1. Layered grafting: Eyelashes are divided into the upper, middle, and lower layers, one of which can be selected for grafting, and the other layers are grafted in black

2. Grafted to the outer corner of the eye to do color-matching, usually starting to match on the outside of the black eye

3. A small amount of uniform embellishment in the whole eye.


Taboo for colored eyelash extensions:

1. Guests with swollen eye bubbles are not suitable for the embellishment of the red powder series and purple series, which will make the eyes look more swollen.

2. The matching length of the color eyelashes is generally equal to or longer than the main color eyelashes, otherwise, it will be buried and cannot be seen 

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