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10 Questions About Lash Extensions②

10 Questions About Lash Extensions②

Q6: How to remove makeup Doesn't it hurt good eyelashes?

The action is gentle, just choose the eye makeup remover. The oil has a small molecule, which can easily dissolve the glue at the eyelash paste, causing the eyelashes to fall off earlier. If you choose makeup remover, you will not have this worry. However, it should be noted that you should apply it when you remove it and then wipe it off. Do not rub it back and forth, so that you can easily remove the eye makeup, and you are not afraid of hurting the eyelashes.


Q7: single eyelid, inner double, bubble eyes Can I get eyelashes?

Yes. Grafted eyelashes have different curling degrees to choose from, and L-curl is more suitable for swollen eye bubbles and single eyelid girls. The curling angle of the root of this type of eyelash is relatively large, which can avoid the problem of the original eye. Of course, the specific situation also needs to discuss with the eyelash artist on the type of eye to find the most suitable for you.


Q8: How to apply eye makeup after eyelash extension?

The eye shadow can be painted as usual, and the eyeliner can be omitted. In fact, after the eyelashes are taken, it does not affect the eye makeup, just continue the original makeup habits. However, since the eyelashes will become thicker and have the effect of invisible eyeliner, the inner eyeliner step can be omitted, so that the subsequent cleaning will be relatively simple and will not damage the dropped eyelashes.


Q9: Will my sweaty eyelashes fall off quickly?

Not necessarily. The durability of the grafted eyelashes is directly related to the technology of the eyelash artist. A good eyelash artist can definitely graft the eyelashes naturally and firmly without affecting the health of his eyelashes.


Q10: Is there any way to extend The effect of maintaining eyelash grafting?

Rub your eyes less and pay attention to cleanliness. The lash extensions are directly attached to our growing eyelashes, and our own eyelashes will drop 3~4 per day. We can’t violate the natural physiological laws~ However, usually pay attention to eye cleansing Do not rub your eyes with your hands. Do not rub your eyes vigorously when removing makeup or cleansing. Usually eat lighter to reduce oil secretion, which can extend the retention effect of grafted eyelashes.

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