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Sensitive Eyelash Extensions Glue

Sensitive Eyelash Extensions Glue

Eyelash extensions are applied by gluing a false eyelash to a real eyelash at 0.1mm of the eyelid, not on the eyelid. The glue or curler used by the eyelash artist does not touch the consumer's skin or eyes during the process, so overall the eyelash extension process is very gentle and does not cause any discomfort. The glue is milder and safer, and although the sensitive eyelash extensions last 5-7 days shorter than regular glue, it is the right thing to do to ensure safety. If your eyelash instructor attends eyelash extension courses on a regular basis, he or she will have a wealth of professional knowledge and innovative techniques to provide you with a better quality of service. Before getting eyelash extensions, consumers may want to search online for the background of the eyelash artist or her related works, which will surely make your eyelash extension process comfortable and give you beautiful and bright eyelashes.

How does the lash glue work?

When you are applying eyelash extensions, it's important to use the right lash extensions adhesive! Some of the poorer quality glues can cause discomfort, tears, and in some cases, even redness in the eyes. If your eyelash technician uses good quality lash glue, it will make you feel comfortable during the eyelash extension process, and there will be no eye irritation afterwards. Therefore, knowing the lash glue used by your eyelash technician is produced, and whether the product has passed FDA and SGS inspection are important aspects that your eyelash technician should tell your customers, so that you can feel more at ease when applying eyelash extensions.

FADLASH eyelash extensions glue is all safe and pure natural, which are shipped to various countries around the world and are relatively the most stringent in terms of safety and hygiene control. If you have sensitive eyes, you can use FADLASH sensitive eyelash extensions glue.

If you have sensitive eyes, it is recommended that you ask your eyelash technician to use a mild (anti-allergy) gel for your eyelash implants. It is recommended that you consult and confirm the product used by the eyelash artist before you start receiving the implant. After all, the adhesive of the black glue is very close to the eye area, although it is not directly touching the eye or the skin, but it is better to be careful!

When I entered the world of eyelash extensions, I realized that there is such a high level of knowledge about eyelash extensions. There are so many differences for the raw material. Good eyelashes are in better condition in terms of curl, softness and color. However, in recent years, many inferior false eyelashes have flooded the market, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish between them, especially since eyelash extensions are applied by eyelash artists, and it is usually not easy to see the full package or description of the eyelashes.

The next time you get eyelash extensions, get to know the eyelashes used by your eyelash technician, or ask your eyelash technician to bring them to you for reference first.



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