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Eyelash Extensions FAQ

Eyelash Extensions FAQ

Why do some eyelash artists attach eyelashes to the eyelid?

We have seen some cases where the eyelash artist has attached false eyelashes to the eyelid or to the root of the eyelash (hair follicle), which is very improper and can easily cause eye irritation, inflammation or foreign body sensation.

Usually, our customers will come rushing to us asking our eyelash artists to save their lashes! When we see this, our immediate action is to remove her lashes and let the uncomfortable symptoms go first.

Generally speaking, the correct way to apply extensions is to hold the false eyelashes 0.1~0.2mm away from the root of the hair, in order to prevent the eyelashes from irritating the hair follicle when the eyes are open. A well-trained eyelash technician will consider the comfort of the extensions rather than asking the client to adapt to the wrong extensions; it's like asking your feet to adapt to an ill-sized shoe, it's the opposite. If you have a similar condition, you should alert your eyelash technician for improvement or find another one who is more suitable for you.


Are eyelash extensions suitable for eyes that are often irritated?

Generally speaking, unless one has a serious eye disease or has undergone eye surgery, temporary eye allergies can be greatly reduced if the eyelash artist uses sterile or disposable appliances and safe eyelash extensions. The standard eyelash extension procedure does not directly touch the skin or eyes, but rather stick the false eyelashes to the real ones.

As for the "safe eyelash extensions" mentioned earlier, such as false eyelashes and eyelash extensions glue used by eyelash artists, consumers need to pay more attention. Even though the eyelash market has become more mature and the products, a few eyelash artists can still be found using cheaper and inferior products in order to save costs.

If your eyes are currently allergic, we recommend that you seek medical advice and wait until your allergies have subsided before getting eyelash extensions. If you force your eyelash artist to give you extensions for the sake of beauty, there is a chance that the external stimulation will cause more serious eye problems, which will not only damage your eyes, but also your eyelashes.


Eyelash extensions can last for more than 3 months?

The authority lash artist responded that the human eyelash cycle is only about 2 months, so how do eyelash extensions stay on the real hair for more than 3 months? This is exaggerated and unfounded! Instead, we are worried that the eyelash artist will use the incorrect method to apply the extensions to the client, resulting in irreparable errors later on. 

Eyelash extensions normally last 30 to 45 days and usually over three weeks, the real eyelashes will be noticeably longer, so the false eyelashes will be gradually pushed out further and further from the eyelid. We recommend that you remove them within a month (45 days at the latest) and reapply a full pair of beautiful eyelashes.

For example, a large number of lashes falling off within 7 days after application, there may be a technical problem, a product problem, or a consumer who does not follow the maintenance procedures; it is recommended that you speak to your eyelash technician first to clarify the problem before asking him or her to help you with the restoration.







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