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How to Choose Lash Extensions Look

How to Choose Lash Extensions Look

Apart from the style of eyelash extensions and the experience of the eyelash technician, the most important factor in the look of eyelash extensions is the shape of your eyes. Different eye shapes will have different lengthening and thickening of the lashes, and the look will be different. What eyelash extensions are suitable for different eye shapes and how to choose the look before applying lash extensions? And do you want to know how eyelash extensions can help you to make your eyes look more beautiful? Please keep reading!


1. Round eyes - longer eyelashes in the middle of eyes
Which eyelash extensions are best for round eyes? If you have a lovely round eye with rounded corners and a lot of white space, try long eyelash extensions in the middle part of the eye to highlight the roundness of your eyes. This will make your eyes look more luminous and youthful after the extensions are applied.

2. Almond eyes - longer lashes at the end of the eyes for a more mature look
Almond eyes are also known as "standard eyes". If you want to increase the charm of your eyes, it is advisable to pair your eyelash extensions with long eyelashes, and place long eyelash extensions at the back of your eyes to create an elongated visual effect.

3. Phoenix eyes - shorten the front and back to enhance the depth of the eyelashes
A phoenix-eyed girl has an innate sense of power and confidence. However, if you want to look more nice and kind, then select short length and DD curl. If you want to reduce the sharpness of your eyes and enhance their softness, we recommend short, curved eyelashes for the front and back of your eyes, and then use long, thick false lashes to highlight the middle of your eyes.

4. Droopy eyes - curl the end of the eye for a more vibrant look
The droopy eye shape makes you look as innocent and pitiful as a deer. If you want to make your eyes look more vibrant and energetic, eyelash extensions are recommended to match the curled eyelash style, which can be applied at the end of the eyes to lift the visual effect of the eyes, making the eyes look more energetic and bring good popularity.


To adjust the visual balance of the eye distance, eyelash extensions can be used to refine and adjust it. For example, using long eyelash extensions in the middle of the eye can reduce the visual distance between the eyes and avoid highlight the end of the eye, which can make it look wider. Also, highlighting the middle of the eye can make the eyes look brighter and more luminous! If you have a closer visual eye distance, you can use long false eyelash extensions to highlight the middle and back of the eye to create a visual effect that lengthens the eye and reduces the visual appearance of the head of the eye, making the distance between the eyes look more harmonious.



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