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Reason of Eyelash Extensions Last the Longest ②

Reason of Eyelash Extensions Last the Longest ②

Huge individual differences cause different durability

As a lash artist, do people often ask you why the difference between customers application by the same technician and the same glue is so great, some people keep it intact for a month, and some people drop it sparsely after a week. This is actually different from the individual has a lot to do with.

People with thinner eyelashes last longer

Why is only one false eyelash grafted on a real eyelash in single grafting? That's because one eyelash can only bear 1.5 times the weight of her eyelashes. The same 9mm length and 1.5 thick false eyelashes have a lower burden for a person with thicker and longer eyelashes, but a heavier burden for a person with short and thin eyelashes.

A heavier eyelash is pressed on top of your real eyelashes. Because gravity is downward, it will inevitably drag the real eyelashes downward, causing the false eyelashes to separate from the real eyelashes, just like a mature apple falling down feel.

People who are prone to contact with grease are more likely to fall off their eyelashes.

When the grafting glue is cured, its adhesion is also related to the environment. Eyelashes are the same as hair. Some are dry and frizzy, while others are oily. Grease has a certain penetrating power and may penetrate the glue that has been cured on the surface of the eyelashes, thereby changing the environment of the substrate and reducing the adhesion of the glue.

Most of the cleansing oils we usually use are ethyl hexanoate system, which has a strong penetrating power, which is much stronger than the oil secreted by itself, so it is the reason that the cleansing oil can also rub blackheads.

If you don't pay attention to it in normal use, the oil secreted by itself or foreign oil affects the environment around the eyelashes, and it will easily cause shedding. Professional eyelash shops will tell you to avoid using cleansing oil after eyelashes to prevent false eyelashes from falling off.

Different human hormone levels have different eyelash retention time

Under the normal state of the human body, the pH value of the body should be maintained between 7.3 and 7.4, which is slightly alkaline. If the PH value of the body is lower than 7.3 for a long time, it will form an acidic physique. When the eyelash glue encounters a strong acid environment, the final curing speed is particularly slow, so it may happen that the eyelash glue does not dry completely and the eyelashes are not long-lasting.

Those who love to touch the lashes after application, which is the most reason why your lash extensions doesn't keep long!

There are always a group of people in this world who love touching the lash extensions and some of them even love to pull the lashes. Obviously knowing that buttoned nails are harmful, I just can’t help but peel it off. It’s clear that there is no foreign body sensation in the eyelashes. I still touch it with my hands from time to time. It’s like the kind of mobile phone in my pocket. I need to check it on the subway. 

Maybe it is too cherished, so you have to be silly and not stop using your hands to confirm? Fingers bring so much oil and bacteria, and occasionally there may be glue bumps on the joints. Can such false eyelashes last? Professional lash artists, the key to lasting grafting is to do a good job of pretreatment, choose good eyelash products, and improve grafting technology!

Beauty-loving babies, above are the reason why your lash extensions doesn't last long. Just remember, do not touch your lash extensions when done!

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