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Reason of Eyelash Extensions Last the Longest ①

Reason of Eyelash Extensions Last the Longest ①

Lash extensions falling out is the most annoying thing after lash extensions application. Some people’s lashes are all gone in less than a month, and it took time to spend money. Customers complained a lot. The second most annoying things after applying lash extensions is that the eyelashes are missing and there are ugly vacancies, but it takes time to go to the store to fulfill , and it is really tired after a trip.

For the store, there is no difference between fulfilling eyelashes once and doing it again. The only difference is that the lash artist spends time repairing but has no income. Sometimes they are unwilling to fulfill the eyelashes for free, causing management problems. There are also many salon owners who must have experienced such a situation. Some customers with the same technician and the same product can maintain their eyelashes for a month or more while others are reluctant to stay for a week? But when the guests questioned, they didn't know how to explain this difference in durability.

Here are two methods, one is to understand what exactly affects the durability of beautiful eyelashes, and the other is to respond to customers' doubts about the difference in durability.

Whether the pre-treatment is in place, let’s sort out the pre-treatment process of applying lashes: remove the whole removal paste dry cotton swab to remove the colloidal residue softened by the removal paste use a cotton sheet and cotton swab to dip the pre-treatment liquid to thoroughly clean the eyelashes blow the eyelashes Graft after drying. The above eyelash pretreatment is a relatively complete process.

If you want to do more detail in the pretreatment stage, you can wipe it with a professional eyelash removal water before using the pretreatment liquid to really remove the softened colloidal residue, To ensure that there is no residue on the eyelashes. Once the pre-treatment is in place, the grafted eyelashes can last longer. This is the same as the nail art pre-treatment in place to maintain a longer lasting.

There are differences between different glues.

The firmness of different glues is quite different, which has a great relationship with the composition of the glue. The main component of glue is resin. There are thousands of types of resin. Generally speaking, the glue of methyl, ethyl toughened or mixed system will be stronger than the glue of alkoxy system, but the use of glue and the skill of the technician The degree and grafting method are closely related, so the shop owner needs to do a good job of evaluating the firmness of the glue under the same conditions in order to screen out the glue products that suit them.

Lash artist technology has a great impact on durability.

In Japanese-style application, according to the technology, it can be divided into fully slippery applying and non slippery rubber applying. Full slipping means that the number of single grafting slipping rubber is up to 10 times. By sliding back and forth dozens of times, the three drops of glue distributed on the false eyelashes are evenly slid, so that the glue can fully wrap the real and false eyelashes, so that the overlap area of ​​the real and false eyelashes is maximized, and the eyelashes can be kept longer. Non-slip glue grafting means that the glue is not slippery at all. Just stick the fake eyelashes directly on the real eyelashes and wait for the glue to dry, or apply the glue 2/3 times, and then wait for the glue to dry, so that the overlap point of the real eyelashes is only one point Under the same conditions, the durability of applying with one-line sliding glue on the contact surface will be better than that with only one point on the contact surface.



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