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Do You Really Know About Lash Extensions

Do You Really Know About Lash Extensions

Eyelash beauty, also known as eyelash extensions, is now an increasingly popular beauty technique.

But do you really know about eyelash extensions?

Misunderstanding 1: Keep eyelashes for more than 3 months each time you application.

If the eyelash artist tells you that the grafted eyelashes can last for more than 3 months, then you should pay more attention! Any claim that grafted eyelashes can be maintained for a long time or even permanently is unbelievable! Under normal circumstances, the retention time of the eyelashes after grafting depends on (30% is the applying technique of the eyelash artist, 30% is the quality of the eyelashes and glue used, and 40% is the personal maintenance after doing the lashes). The condition after eyelash application is maintained for about 28 days.

Misunderstanding 2: Eyelashes do not require professional training, so ordinary nail artists can do it?

The answer is definitely: NO! Eyelash grafting is a very technically demanding beauty technology. Each star eyelash needs to be accurately grafted at a position about 0.1mm-1mm away from the root of its own eyelashes. This process requires very skilled and professional grafting techniques. The standard grafting method will make you feel very uncomfortable during the grafting process, and because the eyelash artist's grafting method is not standard, the retention time of eyelashes after grafting will not last!

Misunderstanding 3: Mink material must be better than the fiber one?

The answer is the same: NO! First of all, the eyelash beauty products made of mink hair used by many businesses are unqualified animal hair. Eyelash beauty products made of animal hair must undergo very strict sanitation and safety disinfection treatment. Secondly, the advantage of mink hair is Lightweight and layered, the eyelashes made of artificial fiber have different curling degrees for you to choose, and they are all very safe and healthy. In fact, only the product that suits you is the best. If you come across some low-priced, unbranded or messy eyelash products, be careful! ! These products may not be strictly processed in order to reduce costs. Do not try.

Besides, some customers may experience redness and swelling after applying their eyelashes. In addition to the sensitive eyes of customers, there are also some small details that appear during the grafting operation. We also need to pay attention to avoid redness and swelling.

1. The most common occurrence is tape error

Reason: When the tape is used to lift the eyelids, the eyes are slightly stretched, and the volatile gas of the glue floats into the eyes and smokes the eyes. Solution: Cut the tape into small squares, press the eyelid and gently pull it up, let the real eyelashes leave the eye patch, and check if there is any gap.

2. After the customer falls asleep, the eye muscles are loose and will open unconsciously

Solution: Attach the edge of the eye patch to the edge of the upper eyelid. Be careful not to stick to the eyelashes at the inner and outer corners of the eye. Press down as a whole, instead of pulling upwards. If the eyelid shakes severely, you can fix it with tape on the inner and outer corners of the eye. 

3. No discomfort during grafting, redness and swelling a few days after going home.

Reason: Probably the graft is too close to the skin.

Solution: Remove the eyelashes that are too close to the skin, and then reattach them.

4, the glue expires Reason:

It will be more irritating if the glue drawing is still in use.

Solution: It is recommended to change the glue every fifteen minutes.

5, open your eyes after receiving it and feel spicy eyes Reason: not fully dried Solution: fully blow dry for three to five minutes after connection.

This basically covers some of the problems that may arise in the process of eyelash extensions. Which problems occur should be solved by corresponding solutions. Of course, specific problems must be analyzed in detail. Customers with sensitive eyes are not recommended to apply. If you persist for doing that, apply a little cream on the eyelids before application.