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Tips for Applying Individual Lash Extensions

Tips for Applying Individual Lash Extensions

Individual lash extensions applying 

1. Applying techniques

The left-hand tweezers are used to separate hairs, find and accurately divide a healthy real eyelashes, the right-hand use curved tweezers to take false eyelashes and glue to glue, and accurately graft the fake grafted hair to the pre-assigned true eyelashes, and Do not stick to other real and false eyelashes to ensure a clear root.


2. Pick Lash

Take tweezers in your right hand and take a third of false eyelashes. When clamping false eyelashes, do not rest too close to the tail, it is easy to deform the false eyelash curlers. It should not be too close to the middle. It is easy to stick the glue to the tweezers when taking the glue. The angle between the removed false eyelashes and the tweezers is greater than 90 degrees and between 110 and 130 degrees.


3. Glue Using

When taking glue, take the glue at a third of the root of the false eyelashes, so that it can enter and exit slowly. Push the glue in a third of the root of the false eyelashes and then pull it out. When the glue is coming out, lift it up. When the glue is relatively thin, the root of the false eyelashes needs to have a small bead shape.


4. Applying

The eyelashes of a real person are divided into 2 to 3 layers, but some customers have 4 layers of eyelashes. When looking for eyelashes, take a straight tweezer in the left hand and go down from the root of the eyelashes to open to separate a real eyelash. The right-hand curls the false eyelashes with glue and attaches it to the real eyelashes at a distance of 0.5 to 1 mm from the root of the real eyelashes. It must not be attached to the eyelids, which is very uncomfortable. When grafting, connect from the top of the real eyelashes, or the side of the real eyelashes, either left or right. When picking, make the false eyelashes on the real eyelashes, drag up and down, that is, slip glue, increase the adhesive area, and then use tweezers to fix for one second and then let go, so that the eyelashes will not skew, and it will remain for a long time.


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