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How to Maintance Your Lash Extensions

How to Maintance Your Lash Extensions

Let's talk about lash extensions today and how to clean how to take care of them to make sure that they last as long as they can. Honestly don't recommend that like if you were fed up with them and you don't want them on anymore please go back tell artists and get them to remove them for you, don't pull them off cause it's so bad for your natural lashes to do that.


We'll show exactly what you need to do why use things that you should use
around your eyes things that you shouldn't use your end your eyes, a lot of people say that having lash extensions is like really high maintenance. We find it more I maintenance like putting coating and stuff on every day or clean them daily. 


Brush your lashes and clean them every day, which can remove the dust and always keep fresh and clean. Many people may feel it's hard when they washing their face with wearing lash extensions. Here are a few tips for you to reference. Be gentle and don't rub or pull your lashes, you can use a washcloth if you are worried your lashes may be touched by your hands. The important is Never rub back and avoid your eye area.


Try the tips at home.






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