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Is It Possible Applying Lash Extensions by Myself?

Is It Possible Applying Lash Extensions by Myself?

Why not recommend applying your eyelashes by yourself! The most important point of eyelash applying is to separate each eyelash (isolation)!

If you doing yourself, this step is very very difficult to complete, and it is almost impossible to complete. This is why you should not apply yourself! So, why separate each real eyelash? Because the eyelash grafting is one or more false eyelashes connected to a real eyelash. If the false eyelashes are grafted on several real eyelashes, it will hurt the eyelashes and affect itself.

Eyelash growth, why? Simply put because real eyelashes will be torn off! The explanation of it is: Because the human hair has three growth cycles, the hair starts to metabolize and fall off naturally during the third cycle, and the grafted eyelashes will naturally metabolize and fall off along with the real eyelashes.

If the glue sticks to a few True eyelashes, this root needs to be metabolized and shedding, but the root is still growing, then the eyelashes that need to be metabolized and the false eyelashes will make the growing eyelashes fall off violently, and the eyelashes that have been removed by external forces will grow softer and grow The cycle will also grow slowly because it is destroyed, you definitely don't want to do this!

Then your own eyelashes will become thinner after grafting your own eyelashes, NO! The answer is NO! NEVER!



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