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Lash Extensios VS Nail Art

Lash Extensios VS Nail Art

Nail art is a high-frequency item, but because the time cost of nail art is too high, even if it is crowded, there is not much money to make. So is there a project with high price and high frequency of customer consumption? Yes, that is doing eyelash extensions.

Why eyelashes are so popular.

From the customer’s point of view:

1. The effect of eyelash beautification is extremely obvious and easy Addiction".

Why do the beautiful girls in the animation have big eyes that are different from ordinary people? Because the eyes account for a large proportion of the face, people will look cute and cute. The eyes are an important part of the dominant appearance and make beautiful After the eyelashes, the changes to the eyes are not a little bit! The ratio of the eyes is enlarged visually, and the effect is immediate. The eyelashes become curled and shaped, the eyes are bigger and energetic, and even women with single eyelids will have the effect of double eyelids. , And what follows is that the whole person will become confident and charming!

When the expiration date has passed and the grafted eyelashes have fallen out, you will feel that your eyes are not godless. This sense of drop from a goddess to a female cock silk instantly makes After many customers have finished their first eyelashes, they basically have a second and third continuous consumption soon.

2. Healthy application will not damage their own eyelashes.

Professional lash artists technic do not exceed the load-bearing capacity of your their eyelashes. The scope, application technology and products are also guaranteed, so they will not damage their own eyelashes and have no effect on their own safety, so customers will continue to consume.


From the characteristics of the project.

1. the threshold for learning eyelashes extensions is low and the price is high.

Compared with the many styles of nail art, there are more products and tools that need to be purchased, and they need to be updated from time to time. The threshold for entrepreneurship of lash extensions is low, it does not require too many auxiliary products and tools, the service process is simple, and the technology is standardized, so the technical training time required for learning eyelashes is very short and easy to use. The operation time is also about 1 hour. The charge for manicure is generally $50-$70, and the charge for eyelashes is $80-$300. Spend the same time and earn higher income.

2. Eyelash beauty is a high-frequency consumption.

Eyelash beauty is not a permanent item. With the metabolism of eyelashes, the grafted eyelashes will also fall off. After falling, the contrast between the front and back is large, and the customer’s "poisoning" index is quite high. After that, it needs to be supplemented or re-grafted. It can be said that it is the project that can lock customers the most in the beauty industry.

3. There is no off-season for lash extensions.

Compared with the off-peak season of nail art, eyelash beauty is a suitable item all year round. Eyes are the most displayed part of the face. Even in the winter, you should wear masks and gloves and wrap yourself tightly. You also need to show your eyes to see the way.

Based on the above sharing, everyone should be able to clearly see the market and prospects of beauty eyelashes. If you just doing nail art may will definitely over-compete. If you learn beauty eyelashes well, it is your cornering and overtaking weapon to stand out. But if you have time and money, it's great to combine the two together.