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Lash Extensions Aftercare

Lash Extensions Aftercare

After the eyelashes application, the eyelashes will change in seconds, which is beautiful and energetic, but if the later maintenance is not in place, they will soon be beaten back to their original shape. Then how should the correct care be taken to keep the eyelash extensions for a longer and beautiful?

1. Precautions within 24 hours

Please avoid washing your face and bathing within 6 hours after eyelash grafting; sauna, hot yoga, swimming and other high-temperature and high-humidity environments are prohibited within 24 hours. After grafting, the special glue for eyelashes seems to be air-dried, but in fact it is not completely cured. At this time, touching the water will easily cause the eyelashes to fall off, and may also make the glue white.

2. Precautions for skin care

Use cotton pads to wipe the lotion, and pay attention when patting near the eyelashes, because the fibers of the cotton pads may hook the eyelashes. You can apply it with your fingers near the eyes. If oily lotion or cream is attached to the eyelashes, wipe gently with a wet cotton pad or cotton swab.

3. Matters needing attention during makeup

①. When using eyeliner, if you choose a hard pen or eyeliner, rubbing the roots of the eyelashes will cause a burden and easily fall off. Remember to choose a softer eyeliner or liquid eyeliner.

②. When the eye shadow or foundation is attached to the eyelashes, it should be wiped with a damp paper towel. When make-up and foundation are obvious, you should gently wipe them with eyelash cleansing water.

③. It is best not to use mascara. Because the removal of mascara will cause a great burden on the grafted eyelashes, and it will remain on the grafted eyelashes, and it cannot be completely removed, so that the grafted eyelashes will become lumps and fall off. If you must use it, it is recommended to use a special mascara for eyelashes.

4. Try not to use eyelash curlers.

Because the grafted eyelashes have a curling degree, there is no need to use an eyelash curler. If you use it, the grafted eyelashes may break off and fall off. Fourth, do not sleep on your stomach! Sleeping on your stomach or pressing your eyelashes against a pillow will deform your eyelashes. It may break or fall off. It is recommended to sleep on your back as much as possible.

5. Precautions when falling off

After half of the grafted eyelashes fall off, the remaining eyelashes are not well shaped. At this time, do not pull it off by yourself. Forcibly removing it will damage the original eyelashes. Be sure to find a professional eyelash artist to remove it!

6. Regular deep care of eyelashes.

Beautiful eyelashes are not just to decorate them from the outside, but it is also important to pay attention to the deep nourishment of the inside. Regular use of safe and effective eyelash care products can make your own eyelashes grow healthily and ensure a better grafting effect.

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