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Lash Extensions Q&A

Lash Extensions Q&A

The makeup that has been popular in recent years is nude makeup. Fresh and natural, everyone loves it. Long eyelashes and talking eyes are what every girl wants. Nowadays, with the development of eyelash beauty technology, eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular among girls. But for the technique of eyelash beauty, people always have some questions before grafting

1. After lash extensions application, your own eyelashes are easy to fall off?

In fact, whether you graft your eyelashes or not, our eyelashes will fall off automatically just like our hair. So it is normal to see eyelashes falling off. The average lifespan of eyelashes is about 4-6 weeks. We also lose a few of them a day, but we may not notice it. The eyelashes are grafted on our own eyelashes. After the eyelashes are grafted, the eyelashes become very long. The normal shedding of eyelashes will naturally attract your attention and give you the illusion of "easy to fall".

2. Does it look unnatural?

There are many types of eyelashes. The eyelash artist will understand your preferences and your makeup habits when grafting you. Babies who do not have the habit of applying eye makeup can choose the most natural style. The eyelash artist will also recommend the most natural style to you. After grafting, you will look like your natural eyelashes are thick, creating a charming effect of electric eyes.

3. Does eyelash extensions have a foreign body sensation?

Lash extensions is grafted on the own eyelashes, not on the eyelids, so it will not feel foreign body sensation like wearing false eyelashes. As long as the eyelash artist can obtain it, there will be no uncomfortable or stuck feeling. . So be sure to choose a professional eyelash shop. Also for eyelash artists, you must confirm with the customer to avoid her being very sensitive or prone to inflammation of the eye skin.

4. Does the eyelashes take a long time?

Since it is slowly connected one by one, it does take some time. However, with the number of roots, the time spent will naturally vary, but normally it can be grafted in about an hour. You can sleep comfortably on the bed, and you will have a pair of beautiful electric eyes when you wake up!

5. Can't apply eye makeup after application?

After the eyelashes are grafted, it is not recommended to clip or perm the eyelashes, and it is best not to apply mascara to avoid damage and fall of the eyelashes. Because the eyelashes are thick and look like a natural inner eyeliner, you only need eye shadow and outer eyeliner for eye makeup! In addition, pay special attention when removing makeup. Don't let the cleansing oil get around the eyes, because oil products can easily make the eyelashes fall off. It is best to use a cotton swab to soak in the cleansing water to remove it slowly.

6. Will it become unsuitable after application?

It will be a little inconvenient to wash your face and hair for a week after receiving it. This is normal, but you will get used to it after a week. But remember to choose a good product and eyelash artist, this will make you get used to it faster! Moreover, after receiving the eyelashes, your eyes will be very energetic without makeup. From then on, you can go out without makeup!

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