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Lash Extensions Note

Lash Extensions Note

Does eyelash extensions artist just stick the eyelashes?

Many people think that beautiful eyelashes are just simply attaching fake eyelashes to real eyelashes, and you can do it with any careful one. Actually otherwise, eyelash grafting is a highly skilled work. The steps from taking glue, accurately grafting the eyelashes 2 mm away from the original eyelashes, and drying the glue all require skilled and professional grafting techniques. The professional skills of eyelash artists are particularly important.

Precautions before application

1. As long as the eye skin is not very sensitive or the eye is prone to inflammation, eyelash grafting can be considered. However, you must do a sensitive test before grafting, and you can graft after confirmation. Remember.  

2. The grafting price varies according to the selected false eyelash material and number. In terms of material, it is recommended to choose a softer and slender one, which will cause less damage to your own eyelashes and will last longer after grafting. You can ask the technician to take out the few false eyelashes she introduced, see for yourself, feel the softness, and then make a decision.  

3. When choosing the number of roots, don't blindly pursue the density. If multiple false eyelashes are grafted on one eyelash, the damage to your own eyelashes will be great. At present, many shops recommend single-root grafting to minimize damage to the eyelashes. But if you have scarce eyelashes, you can consider grafting two on some eyelashes. After all, the choice of grafting is for the beauty after completion. If it is sparse, the effect will definitely not satisfy you. These details must be carefully discussed with the technician first and selected according to the actual condition of the eyelashes.  

4. In addition to the material and the number of roots, it is also necessary to choose the shape (lengthened at the end of the eye, lengthened in the eye and natural), curl and length, etc., which vary from person to person. Make a choice according to the characteristics of your own eyes and the desired effect. Generally speaking, if the eyes are not long enough, you can choose the lengthened eye tail type, which can not only adjust the eye shape well, but also enhance the charming feeling. If the eyelids are narrow or the distance between the eyebrows is narrow, it is not recommended to choose too curled. For professional women, too long false eyelashes will look unnatural and reduce your professionalism in the workplace. Therefore, when making a choice, make rational judgments based on your own circumstances, instead of blindly pursuing length, density, and wariness.

When you find that you have false eyelashes about to fall off, don't pull it with your hands, as this will greatly damage your eyelashes. You can use a comb to smooth the eyelashes and wait for it to fall naturally. In about 2 weeks, the eyelashes fall off more severely, you can go to the store to have a technician use a professional method to remove it.   

Finally, remind everyone that it is not recommended to graft eyelashes too frequently, even if you choose the best product (false eyelashes and glue), when the false eyelashes fall off, it will damage the real eyelashes. Choose a professionally trained eyelash artist, find the right eyelash style, and usually do more eyelash care, we all deserve to have a pair of attractive eyes.

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