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Lash Extensions Common Problems

Lash Extensions Common Problems

Today let's share with you the common problems encountered by the students in studying eyelashes. I will sum up and answer the questions for you. I hope that helps.

How sticky is the fan and why does it hard to make fan?

Answer: If the lash glue sticks too much, it will shrink easily if it is not applied to the styling cotton sheet. Because the water is adsorbed, the glue will absorb the roots of the entire eyelashes more and more upwards, so the flowers will close.

Sefl fan lashes are easy to loose roots?

Answer: The fan is easy to loose roots because the tightness of the forceps is not good enough.

The adhesion point of the glue?

Answer: In the case of viscose, only dip the contact points under the tweezers.

Are sticky eyelashes sticky tip?

Answer: Sticking eyelashes is not sticking to the tip, but sticking to the real eyelashes 0.5-1mm or 1.5-2mm from the skin.

Is the glue with glue beads stronger?

Answer: If the glue with glue beads does not slide up and down to slide the glue beads apart, the glue will not be very strong, because the harder the thing, the more brittle it is.

What are the shapes of lash extensions?

Answer: The composite shape is a type of eyelashes that does not change the eye shape of the customer. The fan shape can enlarge the eyes, and the flying shape can make the eyes longer and more charming. The Qishu shape is the next eyelashes of a model. Why can't it be degummed with glue beads? Answer: The reason why there are glue beads that cannot be degummed is that it is not degumming on the back glue but the glue on the real eyelashes. Many people will slip on the cotton sheet or the glue plate when there are glue beads. In this case, the back There is no glue, if it is placed on top of real eyelashes, it will not be firm.

Is the direction of false eyelashes always positive?

Answer: The direction of the false eyelashes is not necessarily the positive direction, but to follow the direction of the real eyelashes we grafted. We follow the false eyelashes. If you want to go against the direction, the adhesion point is the least.

How to graft my own eyelashes?

Answer: When our own eyelashes are skewed, we can first follow the growth direction of our own eyelashes, close the roots, and then encrypt one in the opposite direction to fill the vacancy of the eyelashes.

Which layer is the third layer of eyelashes?

Answer: Normally, there are more than three layers of eyelashes, but we apply them according to the top and bottom. Then the particularly curled eyelashes are not sticky, the particularly hanging eyelashes are not sticky, the newly born breast hairs are not sticky, and the eyelashes that are about to fall are not sticky. The rest of the eyelashes can be glued.

Why is it removed in 28 days, and what is the reason for the dirty?

A: The 28-day removal is because when the customer washes the eyelashes, there will be some residues of facial cleanser or makeup, so it will be dirty and the eyelashes are grafted one by one, so there will be gaps. , There will be some makeup or facial cleanser, dust left in the case of gaps, so we have to healthy grafting in about 28 days.