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Do you really know how to deal with your lash extensions’ aftercare? 

Do you really know how to deal with your lash extensions’ aftercare? 

Now almost everyone goes out with a mask, the only thing you can show is your pretty eyes. A pair of eyes with fluffy lashes bonus points to your makeup. Doing lash extensions is not a bad idea. Taking care of your lash extensions properly can prolong the time they finally maintain. Generally speaking, an extension can last for up to 40 days with proper aftercare. There are some tips on it.


I.Keep your lash dry

Do not get your lash wet in the first 4-6 hours, cause it’s just not so firm at that time, getting wet will damage the glue and the curl of your lash extensions. So just avoid taking shower, or keep your head away from water and let it run down your face. 


II.Avoid mascara and hot water

Once you have your lash extensions, you almost say goodbye to mascara and lash curler, especially waterproof mascara. Removing makeup frequently will reduce the service life of your lashes. Waterproof mascara is always oily, which can lower the stickiness of the glue.

Hot water will do damage to the curl of lashes. What’s more, like the mascara, it will lead to lash shedding as well.


III.How to clean my lash extensions?

No matter how natural the lash looks, it relies on glue to stick together. Does anyone tell you that do not clean your lashes after getting extensions? That is not true. It’s important to keep the skin around your eyes clean. Cleaning your eyelash correctly can make it without damage to the bond.

1.Remember to touch your lashes softly, do not rub them. Sometimes, rubbing your eyes is a subconscious tendency. Try to avoid it.

2.Use a soft brush with a special foam cleanser to clean your lashes every two days. Choose swabs instead of towels to dry your lashes.

4.Don’t forget to brush your lash with a lash comb in the morning.

5.Perhaps you can take some cotton swabs with you if you are oily skin. Wiping oil away in time reduces damage to the bond.

6.Sleeping on your lashes will make your lash extensions out of shape. Try to sleep on your back.

IV.Ask your lash artist for help

Human lashes are shed all the time. Eyelash shedding sucks. However, it’s a normal thing to find that 2 or 3 lashes fall on your face every day. 20 days after having lash extensions, your lashes start to shed. If you want to take them off, we suggest you do this in a special salon instead of doing it at home on your own. A professional lash artist should know how to remove lash extensions without pulling your original eyelashes.

Above are all of the things I want to share with you. If you need any suggestions or want to try lash extensions, we will be glad to help you. Here are some useful products we choose for you, including foam cleanser. Just click to know more details.



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