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lash extensions application skills

lash extensions application skills

lash extensions application skills


As the saying goes: the love of beauty is human nature. And every girl wants to have a pair of beautiful eyes. Lash extensions is good way to enhance your eyes. Today I will share a general process for applying lash extensions. Let’s get it!


Step1:please remember this: disinfection of our hands, is a guarantee of safe eyelash grafting. prepare all tools and disinfect them

Step2:clean the eyelash and remove the eyeshadow

Step3: use a fan to speed up the drying of the surface of the eye.

Step4:stick eye pads(tips: tear the eye pads and turn the eye pads over, Place the back paper on the bottom edge of the eye pad and hold the paperback. It convenient to operate and not stick on our hands. stick the eye pads and then use eyelash tweezers to take out the eyelash )


Step5: now we lift and fix our eyes and comb our eyelashes to make them smooth and soft.

Step6: choose the right length and the right curvature for our lashes.


Step7: get your eyelash glue ready (shake them from side to side for 60 seconds!)

Step8:graft eyelash is the most important procedure for the entire process of grafting eyelashes. Therefore, I share three methods of location: first,three-point fixing methods: eye head, eye middle, and eye tail each fixed point. second,five-point fixing methods: add two points to three points. third,nine-points fixing methods: add one point between five points based on five-points methods. And other notes about graft eyelashes, I will keep sharing in the future.

Step9:After finishing the eyelash graft, remove the eye pads, we also need a small fan to dry our eyelashes. The last of the last, we just brush our eyelashes

After grafting the eyelashes, we should pay attention to care for our eyelashes to maintain our eyelashes and prolong the service life of our eyelashes.

The matters that need attention after grafting as follow:                      


Do not touch water for 4-6 hours after grafting. Do not swim, sauna, and wash your face in hot water within 24 hours.

Do not use oily makeup remover, and oily skincare products will accelerate the loss of your eyelashes, should use makeup remover.

Do not pull eyelashes with your hands.

Do not rub your eyes vigorously when you wash your face.

Do not use mascara cream

Please require a professional eyelash technician to remove your eyelashes

The last but not least, it is a natural phenomenon that people lose 2-3 eyelashes every day. And no matter our real eyelashes fall off and eyelashes fall off is belongs to normal metabolism. So don’t worry.

Maintenance is the core of keeping eyelashes. After grafting eyelashes, some people can keep it up to 40 days while others can only keep it up to 20 days. About how to care for our eyelashes, we have shared on my store blog, you can read it yourself if you need to. And hope this blog can offer help to your life.


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