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Lash Extensions Tips For Lash Artists

Lash Extensions Tips For Lash Artists

Attach Eyelash extensions is not just a technique. The key point of a professional eyelash artist is to adjust the eye shape by "designing eyelashes", so that the eyes look natural and elegant, and they are flawless, distinct and invisible regardless of distance. No need to apply mascara or eyeliner, and your eyes will look radiant!

Can everyone suitable for eyelashes extensions?

Of course, extension also depends on the quality of your own innate eyelashes. If your eyelashes are thick and curled, people with this type of eyelashes will have the best effect. After applying the eyelashes, it will not only be thick, curled, but will also grow a lot, and it will also be very natural and comfortable.

Now this industry has gradually become a new type of fashion trend. More and more high-end spas, salons, studios and nail shops are providing eyelash extension services. But do you really understand some common sense about that? Did your skills really pass the test?

Today I have summarized some standards for eyelash extensions to see if you have cultivated eyelashes to a certain level~

  1. True and false eyelash roots

The roots of the grafted eyelashes must be 100% compliant with the roots of your own eyelashes, and you can't make guests feel strange.


  1. Three-dimensional grafting from the root of eyelashes 0.5mm

It is best to attach the eyelashes at a distance of 0.5mm from the root of your own eyelashes! Because the distance is too far, it is easy to make the eyelashes fall; if the distance is too close, the customer's eyes will feel discomfort.


  1. Use the brand's special glue for eyelashes

The gel attached onto the real eyelashes should be refreshing and there should be no obvious drops. Otherwise, it will look very unnatural. We highy recommend Fadlash super strong lash adhesive, which is a brand new lash glue and fit for experienced lash artists. 

There are also other type for options if you have sensitive eye clients. 

lash extensions adhesive


  1. The pointed of the lash extensions is facing the eyelash artist

The eyelash point must be facing yourself, not messy, and you must not perform operations like filling a hole. Check carefully after application!


  1. The radian of the eyelashes after grafting is on the same horizontal line

After the completed, look at the eyelashes from the side, the curvature of the eyelashes should be on the same horizontal line, so that the eyelashes are more beautiful and generous.


  1. The lashes must have personality

The tip of the apply eyelashes must be kept consistent and upward to better show the aura of the eyes. These are to be checked carefully!


Factors affecting the ideal appearance of eyelash extensions

  • The length of the client's own eyelashes
  • The number of carrier eyelashes owned by the customer
  • Adaptation to the product
  • Natural conditions for real eyelashes
  • Customer's personal preferences
  • Eye position
  • Eye shape and size
  • The length of the customer's real eyelashes: a single eyelash can be extended by up to 1/3 of the length, so the final effect is limited by the length of the real eyelashes.
  • The number of carrier eyelashes: single eyelashes and real eyelashes are grafted in a ratio of 1:1, so the final effect is affected by the number of real eyelashes.
  • Product adaptability: The curvature of artificial eyelashes needs to be consistent with real eyelashes. Some eyelash prostheses are not suitable for older people. As the age grows, the eyelashes will become thin and sparse, so they are long and heavy. The eyelash prosthesis is not suitable for this kind of people.
  • Conditions for real eyelashes: If the eyelashes themselves are not in the best condition, these will also affect the durability of the effect
  • Customer preferences: Customers have their own preferences. You may think that they are suitable for natural forms, but customers prefer to exaggerate. Therefore, customers' opinions and feedback should be taken seriously and comprehensively considered.