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Lash extension Q & A

Lash extension Q & A

You may still have so many questions and hesitated before doing lash extension. There are some FAQ that can help you out.

Q1: why my lash extension falling  out?

A: Because eyelashes are the least-living hairs that belong to our bodies. The growth cycle is about 30-50days. vary from person to person. Each person’s living habits are different and each person’s body’s basic metabolism is also different will cause the length of shedding time is not the same. Our eyelashes will fall out freely during normal growth. So the eyelashes  will fall out with our own lash. The other thing that can happen is that the use of poor quality eyelash glue during the application process can also cause false eyelashes to fall off. So we should pay attention to the maintenance of eyelashes after the completion of grafting. And don’t believe the myth of permanent lash extensions

Q2: Do lash extensions hurt our own lashes?

A: our eyelashes have their growth cycle, grafted eyelashes fall off as our eyelashes fall off. That important that if we don’t like the look after application, not pull of them by hands.  The proper way is going to professional lash extension and your lash artist has certificated  

Q3:thicker is better?

A: That according to individual habits, due to your ordinary times dress style, makeup style or profession. And we should pay attention to our eyelash bear capacity, not affect our daily life

Q4: do lash extensions painful?

A:  We usually do not feel pain during the process of eyelash grafting. The grafted eyelashes just connect the eyelashes one by one to our real eyelashes without touching the eyes or eyelids. But to honesty, have a little number of people get a mild ticking sensation, their eyes are not closed when grafting or they are sensitive. Therefore doing lash extension is relatively safe.

Q5: how to take care the lashes after application?

A: Don’t worry. Usually, sleep up, the eyelash can become messier. only use the eyelash brush to gently comb through the lashes where they grow.

Q6:After eyelashes application, is there any requirements for makeup removers

A: use the makeup remover. Don’t use a cleansing oil, that easily dissolves the glue sticking eyelashes resulting in eyelashes falling off.

Q7:Can i do eyelash extension at home?

  We suggest don’t apply lash extensions by yourself.which  kind of precision isn't exactly easy (or safe) to achieve at home by yourself. There are a lot of tools and semi-permanent glue involved that should probably stay in the hands of the licensed professionals.Besides If you at the salon, trained beauty technicians apply individual eyelash extension to each individual natural lash.So, it is possible to get lash extensions at home, but it might just be safer to invest your time and money at the salon!

 Therefore, it wont hurt your eyes as long as in a proper way.

Want more eyelash extension tips? Please check our website regularly as we try bringing you the best possible tips.


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