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How to Wash Face After Applying Eyelash Extensions

How to Wash Face After Applying Eyelash Extensions

How to clean eyelash extensions? There must be many girls who are troubled by this! If you continue to remove makeup and wash your face after getting your eyelash extensions, you're likely to make them fall off faster! If you want your eyelashes to last longer on your face, you have to make a lot of effort and pay attention to the small details in the washing step!


Do you often have the problem of "eyelash extensions falling off so quickly" or "why do so many eyelashes fall off once you wash your face"? In fact, how to clean eyelash extensions is also a big question! Not only do you need to pay attention to many small details, there are also many steps to pay special attention to in the way you wash your eyelash extensions and the process. Here are 4 key points on how to wash your eyelash extensions, and we'll show you how to clean them in detail!


  1. Pay attention to the cleaning time

Eyelash extensions are made by using a special black glue to stick one eyelash to the real one, and it takes time for the glue to hold. So how to clean eyelash extensions? Generally speaking, you should not touch cold water for 4 hours and hot water for 8 hours to ensure the stability of the glue.


  1. Cleaning tool selection

After paying attention to the cleaning time, you should also pay attention to the selection of face washing tools! Unsuitable cleaning tools, such as cotton swabs, makeup remover pads, towels, etc., will cause eyelashes to hook in the lint, causing them to fall off or pull uncomfortably.


  1. Selection of make-up remover and cleanser

Since eyelashes are made of black glue that sticks to the real eyelashes, and black glue is most afraid of oily substances, it is recommended to avoid contact with either makeup remover or oil-based care products, otherwise there is a high risk that the oil will cause the eyelashes to fall off. It is recommended to choose a makeup remover for eyelash extensions or an oil-free "makeup remover" to remove makeup.


  1. Be careful with the roots of your eyelashes

The closest place to the skin for eyelash extensions is at the base of the eyelashes, and this is the area that is most easily overlooked when removing makeup and washing your face because it is a small detail.


After washing your face, it is recommended that you dry the water around your eyelashes as soon as possible, and do not let the black glue come into contact with water for a long time. If you use a normal towel, the lashes may fall off due to pulling.


After drying most of the water around your eyes, there will still be some moisture between your lashes, so use a lash brush to smooth them out and let the natural air or the weak wind from a fan or hair dryer dry them. Make sure the lashes don't get tangled and tangled!

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