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How to Keep Your Lash Extensions Perfect

How to Keep Your Lash Extensions Perfect

How to keep your eyelash extensions always in good curl? What should I pay attention to after done my eyelash extensions? Fresh eyelash extensions are in perfect condition, but when you go out every day or wash your eyelashes on a regular basis, it's inevitable that they will get messy.


How to organize eyelash extensions so they don't get messy? Just pay attention to 4 things!

Eyelash extensions are beautiful at first, but as the thickness of the eyelashes becomes higher and the number of eyelashes increases, they need to be tidied up to maintain a neat and beautiful appearance. Eyelash extensions are messy because of lifestyle habits such as sleeping positions and washing your face. So how do I organize my eyelash extensions?


1. Don't touch your eyelashes too often

The first rule of eyelash extensions is not to touch your eyelashes with your hands all the time! Freshly applied eyelash extensions are very thick and curved, which makes people want to touch them for a more realistic look. In addition, rubbing your eyes and sleeping on your stomach will increase the chance of your eyelashes touching and rubbing against objects. You can also prevent your eyelashes from falling off!


2. Makeup removal process is really clean

Many people ask, "Can I put on makeup after eyelash extensions? In fact, you can put on makeup after eyelash extensions, but if you don't remove and wash your makeup, it will be a waste of time to do so. If your eyelids are oily, it will increase the chance of your eyelashes getting tangled and your false eyelashes will fall off because the black glue will lose its adhesion. In order to keep your eyelashes in good condition, what is the best way to clean up your eyelash extensions? It is recommended to wash and remove the eyelash area gently every day and to make sure that cosmetics are thoroughly cleaned.


3. Avoid having a facialafter eyelash extensions

After eyelash extensions, it takes time for the glue to solidify, so if you go for a facial after the extensions are applied, the massage oil or steam used by the beautician will cause the glue to lose its adhesive power, causing the eyelashes to become skewed and deformed. Therefore, it is better to wait 3 to 5 days after getting eyelash extensions to make sure the gel is fully set before getting a facial. You can also inform the beautician before the facial so that he or she can avoid touching the eyelashes during the facial or massage the eye area more gently!


4. Don't pull the eyelashes that fall off on your own

The growth cycle of the average person's eyelashes is between 3 and 6 weeks, while eyelash extensions use a black glue to adhere the false eyelashes to the original eyelashes, so they will fall off along with the growth cycle of the original eyelashes. If your eyelashes are hollow and sparse after 6 weeks of extensions, don't try to pull off the remaining false eyelashes by yourself, otherwise the original eyelashes will be torn off together! If you want to remove your false eyelashes, you can ask lash artist to do so with professional technical assistance.

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