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How to Storage Your Lash Extensions Glue

How to Storage Your Lash Extensions Glue

The lash glues main ingredients are cyanoacrylate and polymethyl methacrylate. The glue combines with the water vapor in the air to evaporate the solvent and polymerize the bonding agent to exothermic heat, so that the contact surface forms a strong viscosity; because the solvent evaporates instantly, it will Smell the smell. Humidity has a greater impact on glue. Generally, the higher the humidity, the faster the glue will dry.

Eyelash extensions glue will gradually age. If you want to keep the glue in good use, the ideal situation is to buy a newer batch of glue and use it up in about a month. It should be used up within 2 months at most. The freshness and durability of this glue are very good.

Many eyelash artists suffer from this kind of pain. A bottle of glue cannot be used without grafting a few customers, and it is wasteful to buy a new one. This is because the storage method is improper and the glue is easily affected by the two factors of humidity and temperature. So when storing, we must control these two factors.

The most suitable storage temperature is 10-25℃, and the humidity is below 30%. The glue should be stored in a cool and dry place or sealed tank together with the desiccant. This storage can extend the effective life of the glue.

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