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How to Prevent Allergy When Applying Lash Extensions

How to Prevent Allergy When Applying Lash Extensions

In general, the eye allergies that everyone encounters in eyelash shops at this stage are contact allergy caused by the solvent contained in the product's own ingredients, and the exothermicity caused by the exothermic reaction caused by the curing of the glue itself. allergy. At this stage, none of the glues circulating in my country's market does not contain solvents, so contact allergies cannot be avoided, but we can use certain methods to minimize eye damage.

① Do not use tape to pull the upper eyelid during the grafting operation. Because the eyeball will be exposed to the air if the eyes are not tightly closed, it is very easy to suffer the effect of solvent volatilization and cause the eyeball to become red and itchy. If there is indeed a glue that does not contain solvents, it can reduce the chance of allergy by half. At this moment, if the allergy to the heat reaction is resolved in a timely manner, then the chance of grafting allergy will be greatly reduced.

②. Be careful before treatment. After the eyelashes are dried, the grafting operation can be carried out. After the eyelashes are grafted, blow them with a hair dryer for about five minutes to completely dry the eyelashes.

③. Customers who are allergic to the eye area can apply a layer of isolation cream around the eye area, and then apply a thin layer of chlortetracycline ointment, which can provide heat insulation to a certain level. Allergy is a relatively obscure concept in medicine.

Allergies in grafting are related to glue and technical methods. In addition to hoping for healthier, safer and effective products on the market, we also expect everyone to establish The correct concept of health grafting handles every detail in place, minimizing the probability of allergies.

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