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Things About Eyelash Extensions Allergy

Things About Eyelash Extensions Allergy

1. Why is the eye area so allergic?

The skin is the human organ with the largest total area of ​​the body. The thickness of the skin in each part of the human body varies from 0.5 to 4 mm. Among the skins, the skin on the eyelids is the thinnest, which is about the thickness of other parts of the skin. 1/10 of that. Therefore, the skin around the eyes is more likely to cause discomfort than the skin in other parts of the human body. The cause of the disease may be: eyelash removal products, metal tweezers, tape, glue, etc.

2. How to know if the customer is prone to allergies?

The allergy itself is a random matter with very large individual differences. It is related to products, special tools, techniques, maintenance, weather conditions, and even the physical condition of the day. In the ocular allergy consultations in the outpatient department of the hospital, 80% of people are allergic to seasonal allergies, especially during the pollen period in March and April.

Therefore, before doing that, we can judge whether the customer is prone to allergies. How to distinguish, the easiest and quickest method is the scratch test! Scratch a mark on the inside of the arm with your fingernail. If the scratch disappears quickly and there is no mark, it means that you are not allergic; if the scratch does not disappear quickly and is reddish, then you are allergic.

The processing should be very careful. Among the various products touched by eyelash shops, glue is most likely to cause allergies. There are two main causes of glue allergy, one is the thermal reaction allergy caused by the glue itself curing, and the other is the contact allergy caused by the solvent.

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