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How to Remove False Lashes

How to Remove False Lashes

Learn to remove eyelashes easily

If you love to put on eyelashes, you should be more careful to remove false eyelashes and uninstall them, to protect your eyelids and your real eyelashes in order to use them more, don't put on a false eyelash and tear off a section of real eyelashes, you will really cry. How do I remove false eyelashes? False eyelashes are usually attached to the root of the eyelashes with professional eyelash glue, so it may be difficult to remove them with normal makeup remover. So, what is the correct way to remove false eyelashes?

Step 1 
First, dip a cotton swab into the eye and lip makeup remover and apply it back and forth several times at the root of the eyelashes. Let the makeup remover and the glue react. Be careful to move gently and carefully.

Step 2
After a few minutes, the roots of the false eyelashes wiped with makeup remover will fall off naturally, so you should not forcefully tear the false eyelashes that are still stuck to your eyes, otherwise you are likely to tear off your own eyelashes, and it will produce an obvious stinging sensation. If you tear your eyelashes for a long time, the skin of your eyelids will become saggy or even droop. From the end of the eye, gently pinch the eyelashes and gently pull them forward to easily remove the false eyelashes.

Step 3:
After removing the lashes, pay attention to cleaning and storage. Take good care of your false eyelashes and you can reuse them more than 20 times. After each removal, use eye and lip make-up remover or soak in make-up remover to thoroughly remove the glue from the false eyelashes with tweezers.

Many people don't know that properly cleaned false eyelashes can be used over and over again.

Since false eyelashes are delicate and fragile, you should not pull them too hard when using them, but rather gently remove them from the box in the direction of their spreading.

If you want to use them repeatedly, you must wash them thoroughly after each use before putting them in the box. In addition to eyelash glue, eye shadow powder, mascara, eyeliner and other makeup should not be left behind, otherwise it will shorten their lifespan and affect the hygiene.

 Next, place the false lashes on a tissue or towel and gently wipe and brush them with a cotton pad or eyebrow brush, working from the root to the front. After cleaning and putting away, it's best to put the eyelash organizer to use when you have more false eyelashes. If the false eyelashes are deformed, don't use them.

 Finally, since the skin under the eyes is more sensitive, the use of false eyelashes will increase the burden on the roots of the eyelashes and the surrounding skin, so you should pay more attention to eye care and apply water, milk and eye cream after cleaning to take care of the tender skin.


Don't wear false eyelashes frequently and for a long time

Regardless of whether or not you properly remove your false eyelashes, wearing them frequently and for a long time can lead to the loss of real eyelashes to some extent. Even eyelid and eye inflammation, so I do not recommend long-term or frequent use of false eyelashes.


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