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Eyelash Extensions at Home

Eyelash Extensions at Home

What is the essential supplies you need to apply false eyelashes? First let's prepare the following tools.
Essential group: Cluster lashes, false eyelash glue, small makeup scissors, tweezers (flat tip is best)

Auxiliary group: Eyelash curler, mascara, eyeliner

False eyelash recommendation
If you're new to this, we recommend using FADLASH new arrival cluster lashes, which is soft, handmade and easy to apply.

Glue recommendation
There are a lot of glue, If you are a novice, it is recommended to use the transparent. Black can mainly be used instead of eyeliner, but not very controllable. Note: DO NOT USE EYELASH EXTENSIONS GLUE. You can choose FADLASH DIY lashes glue or use the DUO glue: the cream is beige, sticky is not bad, wait until the water translucent then sticky effect is better. In addition, it is hypoallergenic formula, so mild will not lead to eyelid allergies. The stickiness is very good, waterproof and sweatproof, also relatively hypoallergenic, and not sticky can be reapplied. When you remove it, you need to use a water and oil eye and lip remover to remove it.


Steps to apply false eyelashes
Prepare the tools and we can apply the false eyelashes! Generally, only the upper eyelashes are attached, and if the lower lashes are also attached, the makeup will feel much heavier.

Step 1
The first thing to do is to finish the rest of your eye makeup first. In other words, eyelashes are always the last step of eye makeup. Eye shadow, eyeliner and other things should be done first.

Step 2
Then curl your eyelashes, you can do it in two sections, 5 times per section, until you curl them. Make sure to do this step, so that the lashes will look natural, otherwise the false lashes will be very curled, but your own lashes will be very flat and layered. Some people like to brush their mascara first and some like to brush it last. It's all right, it depends on your preference.

Then take out the lashes and depending on the length of your eyes you can do a simple trim. Generally speaking, newbies are advised to stick the whole strip. After you become more skilled, you can cut the lashes into sections or just stick them on the end of your eyes.

Step 4 
Gently hold the eyelashes with tweezers, squeeze out a little bit of glue and gently apply it to the stems of the eyelashes. Don't apply too much, you can wait almost 30 seconds, or you can blow on your eyelashes for about 10 seconds and watch the glue become a different color from the one you just squeezed out, then you can put it on your eyes.

Grab the tweezers. Lift your head look up and look down at your eyes. Clamp the center of the false eyelash and stick it to the center of your own eyelash root. Hold it steady for a while so it sticks a little. Then use the tweezers to pull the tail of the false lash and stick it at the end of your own eye, press it for a while, then go to the head of your eye and pull the false lash and stick it on. Finally, press your finger horizontally to make the false eyelashes adhere more tightly to your own lashes. Blink to see if there are any areas that don't fit, and adjust them. If the glue is still white, you can cover it up with eyeliner.

Here we got a perfect makeup look!

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