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Does Eyelash Extensions Hurt Real Lashes

Does Eyelash Extensions Hurt Real Lashes

What many eyelash artists know, but most customers are less likely to know, is the position of the false eyelash extensions glued to the real eyelashes: the correct choice is above, left and right of the real eyelashes, the best position is above the real eyelashes, the left and right sides are generally taken to adjust the overall shape of the eyelashes, for the direction of the messy eyelashes, eyelash vacancies, etc.

The correct way to apply eyelash extensions
The correct extensions should be above the real eyelashes and further away from the eye and mucous membrane. If you attach false eyelash extensions underneath the real eyelashes, the glue at the root of the false eyelashes will be closer to the eyeball and mucous membrane during the application process, and if you are not careful, you will get them in your eyes, posing a greater threat to them.

Furthermore, if you put the false eyelash extensions on top of the real eyelashes, when you rub your eyes or sleep on your stomach, the root of the false eyelash will at most poke your eyelid, causing discomfort to your eyelid or the root of your eyelashes.

If false eyelash extensions are placed underneath the real eyelashes, and they are cocked, the cocked false eyelashes will poke at the eye, and if the eye is scratched, a small wound may occur and cause an eye infection.

Finally, Asian eyelashes do not have as much curl as their own, and false eyelash extensions generally have more curl than their own. False eyelash extensions are placed on top of real eyelashes to adjust our own curl, but if you place a large curl under a small curl, will it really not block your vision?

Allergies are a common problem during eyelash extensions. The glue used in the eyelash bonding process can be irritating to delicate skin, and many people have red spots, red dots and tears due to allergies.

In general, eyelash extensions rarely fall off in large, regular hospitals, while small beauty clinics or street side beauty stores, the products used are difficult to ensure that they are regular and qualified, so the eyelash extensions may be damaged and fall off, and some people even paste multiple false eyelashes on one eyelash in order to have thicker eyelashes, which will cause the eyelashes to fall off after a long time.

The long-term use of false eyelashes also affects the cleanliness of the eyelashes themselves. There are many sweat and sebaceous glands at the roots of the eyelashes, and once the sweat pores are blocked, the hair follicles are at risk of infection, causing diverticulitis or even septic diverticulitis.

Don't perm your eyelashes. Although perming eyelashes can make them set and curl, it is important to know that frequent perming can hurt the scalp as well as the quality of the hair, let alone the sensitive eyelashes.

Clean your eyelash curler regularly. Lash extensions shampoo is an essential supplies that can keep your lash clean and fresh. So eyelash extensions applying won't hurt your eyes as long as take care in a proper way. 

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