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A Complete Guide to Apply False Lashes ①

A Complete Guide to Apply False Lashes ①

Necessary supplies for applying false eyelashes

Let's start with a brief introduction of what you need to apply false eyelashes. Depending on how you want your eyes to look, you may need different tools, so make sure you check first.

False eyelashes
The first step is to buy false eyelashes. You can go with your favorite model's style, or if you're new, you can choose a style that sticks well. Try to find the right one for you.

Lash mirror
Next, please prepare the mirror. You won't be able to put on your false eyelashes without them. Hand mirrors can be difficult to put on, so use table mirrors to keep your hands free to adjust the angle.

False eyelash glue
False eyelash glue is also known as "glue for adhesion". Some false eyelashes come with glue, but you can also buy your own glue in advance. Beginners are advised to buy the style with a pen. There are all kinds of products on the market, so just pick the one that suits you!

Scissors are needed to trim false eyelashes. Try to choose small scissors, such as those used for eyebrow trimming. Also, to avoid danger, do not use them near your eyes! Please use them carefully so you don't get hurt.

Prepare tweezers or plucking clips. If you don't have them, you can wear them with your bare hands, but they are 100 times easier to use. A flat front is especially good. This allows you to securely curl your false eyelashes and put them on.

Eyelash curlers
We all use eyelash curlers, right? When you want to add a little curl to your lashes, you use it. The curler makes the real lashes and the fake lashes fit together perfectly.

Preparation before applying false eyelashes

Before putting on false eyelashes, you must first prepare yourself. As the saying goes, "8 points of preparation, 2 points of action", in order to apply false eyelashes properly and beautifully, preparation is very important. Please grasp the key points mentioned below.

The first step is to put on your makeup. Finish your face makeup first, and then put on the false eyelashes.

Curl your eyelashes
False eyelashes have a curved shape. In order to make the real lashes fit better, we need to match the curvature of the false lashes and curl the real lashes first. Please look at the false eyelashes you have chosen and then clip the real ones.

Remove the false eyelashes from the packaging
Remove the false eyelashes from the package. Slowly peel off the false eyelashes that are firmly attached to the package. Simply press your finger against the root and flick it down to remove it beautifully.

One thing to keep in mind here.
The glue left on the stalk should be removed as well! Carefully remove the glue and smooth out the adhesive surface for a better fit.

Place them on your eyes to make sure they are symmetrical
Place the false eyelashes on your eyes to simulate and compare the position. Make sure there is symmetry between the left and right side. It is important to imagine how you will feel when you put on the false eyelashes.


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