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A Complete Guide to Apply False Lashes ②

A Complete Guide to Apply False Lashes ②

Trim as needed
Trim the length of the false eyelashes to "about 1mm beyond the inner part of the black eye to the end of the eye".

If the length of the false eyelashes is the same as the eye, the head of the eye will be stuck. If you deliberately make the length different, it will make the false eyelashes fit better. You may find it difficult to trim at first, but take the plunge and see how it goes. Over time, you will get used to it.

Adjust the curvature of the extensions and add softness
Newly purchased false eyelashes are hard! Soften them by rubbing them a little. When they're soft, bend them to fit your eyelids.

The basic way to wear false eyelashes
So it's finally time to put on your false eyelashes. You may find it difficult at first, but it's only natural that you'll fail at first. After the third time, you should get used to it. Try to make your false eyelashes beautiful and create the ideal eye shape you want.

Face at 45 degrees to the mirror
First of all, make sure your face is in the right position for the mirror. The best position is to place the mirror at a 45-degree angle under the face. The face is facing straight ahead and only the eyes are looking down at the mirror. It is like not moving the mirror but the face.

Check the left and right
After deciding on the configuration of the mirror and face, confirm the left and right sides of the false eyelashes. False eyelashes for the right eye are a little different from those for the left eye. It's easy to tell the difference by remembering that the "short part" of the eyelash is near the eye.

Apply glue to the base of the false eyelashes
Then apply the glue (adhesive). The trick is to apply the glue "above the root" of the false eyelashes. This will prevent the glue from sticking to the real lashes and make it easier to adjust the "curvature" of the false lashes.

Be sure to apply the glue "as wide as the root" and apply the glue carefully. This is a complicated step, so focus on your fingertips.

Apply in the order of eye→head→tail
After applying the glue, it's finally time to put the false eyelashes on your eyes. Look down at the mirror and raise your eyebrows. This way, you can see where the eyelashes are growing. Next, apply the false eyelashes from above in the order of eyes→heads→tails, placing them very close to the edge of the real eyelashes. 

It doesn't matter if you wear them slightly crooked. At this point, the glue is not completely dry, so you don't have to rush, just slowly fine-tune the false eyelashes to the best position.


What is the trick to fixing false eyelashes? If you can use tweezers for 5 seconds to hold them in place, they will be less likely to fall off. Be sure to stop for 5 seconds. 

Adjust the angle
Once you've found the right position, adjust the "curl" of your false eyelashes. Use your fingers to lift the false eyelashes upwards to adjust the best angle.

A little fine-tuning
Finally, make sure the false eyelashes are really in place! For example, if there are gaps between the real lashes and the false lashes, or if the head of the eye doesn't fit well, etc. ...... you can use an eyeliner pencil to fix the line if these conditions are of concern.


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