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A Complete Guide to Apply False Lashes ③

A Complete Guide to Apply False Lashes ③

Advanced tips for creating natural eye makeup
After getting used to it, be sure to challenge yourself with advanced techniques. If you've mastered all of them, you'll be called a master of false eyelashes. Let's aim for a more beautiful eye makeup and do our best.

Wait until the glue is half dry after application
If you apply glue right after, it's easy to wear false eyelashes crooked. To avoid this, leave the glue on until it is half dry. If you apply the glue before it dries, the false eyelashes will stay put and fit well. However, this is a very advanced technique, so it's best to wait until you get used to the normal application method before trying it. It's best to wait until you're used to the normal application method before trying it.

Use an eyelash comb or mascara to strengthen the fit after application
After applying the false eyelashes, you can use a lash comb or mascara to strengthen the bond between the real and false eyelashes. First, use a lash comb to smooth out the real and fake lashes from bottom to top. Then it's time for mascara. Apply mascara so that the "end of the real lash" and the false lash look indistinguishable from each other, and you're done.

Touch up your eyeliner after you put it on
Use eyeliner solution to repair the line. If there is any glue spillage or a crooked patch, just cover it with eyeliner.

Make false eyelashes that suit your needs
"If you want to get more perfect eyelashes!
If you think so, you can further trim the length of your false eyelashes with scissors. This is a delicate task measured in centimeters, so please trim carefully to avoid mistakes. If you can do this, your false eyelash skills are top notch. Please come and teach us how to apply false eyelashes.

I don't want to get started once, just practice!
The false eyelash application method described above is a one-step type of application. However, beginners will inevitably be put off by the need for a one-time success method.

If you think, "It's too hard for me to do it right away ......," why not practice a few more times?
Here we will introduce our recommended exercises.

How do you practice? Here we are going to stick the false eyelashes "in several passes".

After you get used to it, you can then advance to the method described earlier.


The first step is preparation.
To do this, cut the false eyelashes to a size that is easy to apply. Cut the false eyelashes into 3 sections.

First, look at the head and tail of the eye. After checking, cut the false eyelashes into 2 or 3 pieces. You can reduce the risk of failure by applying the false eyelashes in separate pieces. To prevent the eyelashes from getting mixed up, put them back in the box after cutting.

Follow the steps above to cut the left and right eyelashes separately.

Once all the eyelashes are cut, put them back on the package liner as well to avoid confusion between the left and right sides.

Once the preparations are complete, let's try them on. First, start from the end of your eyes. The best place to paste is about 1~2mm beyond the end of the eye 

Keep it in place after applying. Press the tweezers and hold for about 5-10 seconds.

After applying the false eyelashes, adjust the angle. For the remaining sections of false eyelashes, apply the ones next to the end of the eye side by side.

Repeat the above steps.

Finally, use an eyelash comb and mascara to comb through the false eyelashes and you're done.