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How to Choose the Lash Extensions Glue As A Lash Artist

How to Choose the Lash Extensions Glue As A Lash Artist

Lash extensions glue is the must have accessories among all las products. The choice of glue has become a headache for many of eyelash artists.

We often hear people say that this glue is not sticky. Why does the glue dry so slowly? Why does it fall off the next day after the grafting? And so on. These questions are actually related to our choice of glue.

If you are a new to this business and saw a one-second quick-drying glue with a particularly good evaluation, you bought it and found that it did not adhere to the real eyelashes during grafting. You thought it was a problem with the glue, but it was actually because the glue was too dry. Soon, the best bonding time has passed during grafting. Therefore, the choice of glue should be proportional to our own grafting speed.

When we choose glue, the main consideration is the safety, smell, efficacy of the glue, as well as its firmness and durability. Usually we will be divided into two types:

1. Quick-drying type: distinguished by the speed at which the glue solidifies. In comparison, the faster the glue dries, the more obvious the stimulation will be

① 1 second quick drying: fresh texture, low viscosity , Dry fast, suitable for advanced eyelash artists and expert eyelashes.

②Quick drying in 1.5 seconds: refreshing texture, faster drying speed, less irritation. Suitable for mid-level eyelash artists and skilled eyelashes.

③Quick drying in 2 seconds: refreshing texture, fast drying speed, slight irritation, suitable for beginners and skilled eyelash beauty.

④Quick drying in 3 seconds: little irritation, tasteless and no irritation, suitable for self-grafting, beginners and skilled eyelash beautification.

2. Odorless glue:

Use for people with sensitive eyes and allergies, or when grafting the lower eyelashes (open-eye grafting), but the retention time is relatively short, usually about two weeks. 

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