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First Time to Apply Lash Extensions

First Time to Apply Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions, like eyebrow tattoos and makeup, are just small means to make yourself more beautiful, don't demonize and reject. In addition, eyelash extensions reduce the time for eye makeup, which is very easy and convenient, and is suitable for those who always never learned makingup.

The frequency of eyelash extensions is 20-30 days or patching, and one month rest for half a year to raise eyelashes. If your own eyelashes are relatively sparse, then do not graft the thick type, in order to avoid the real eyelashes can not bear the weight of the false eyelashes, but cause the real eyelashes to fall off after being overloaded.

If your own eyelashes are not curled at all, don't choose an overly curled curling degree, which will cause the grafted eyelashes to split and fall out very quickly. If your own eyelashes are very curly, you can't graft too straight warp, it will also be easy to split ends and fall too fast. The types of false eyelashes are mainly divided into artificial hair and animal hair.

There are many types for lashes: mink hair, fiber hair, protein silk and PBT. It is recommended to use artificial hair, which is more soft and comfortable; if animal hair is not handled well, it is relatively unhygienic.

Everyone generally has a misunderstanding that eyelash extensions will tear off their own eyelashes. In fact, if you choose a cetified lash salon, then the glue used is of good quality and will not drop a lot of eyelashes. Because a person has a cycle of hair loss by himself, eyelashes have the shortest life span in hair. In addition, you should also pay attention to makeup removal and maintenance. Whether or not to graft the eyelashes depends on personal preference, but the eyelashes will definitely be beautiful after application!

There are pros and cons to for appyling lash extensions. First of all, let’s talk about the advantages

1. eyelashes extensions can make your eyes look bigger and brighter, and you can become a beauty with electric eyes without makeup.

Second, do eyelash extension can be done in a certain period of time without worrying about how to apply false lashes. Some people always paint the eyelashes like fly legs, or if they are too thick and look unnatural, it is very suitable for making eyelashes.

3. No need to stick false eyelashes. Grafted eyelashes are more natural than false eyelashes and have good durability.


Secondly, let's talk about the disadvantages.

First, the problem of the material of the eyelashes grafted. Many beauty shops will say that their own eyelashes are made of animal fur such as mink and mink hair. Then you have to be careful! Most eyelash beauty products are made of fiber eyelashes, which are made of silk protein fiber. Animal hair eyelashes have hidden dangers in terms of hygiene and safety. If a store takes inferior eyelash products, you must be careful to distinguish them.

2. Technicality. Because the eyelashes are very close to the eyes and glue is used, this is risky and you must choose carefully.

3. After applying the eyelashes, it may cause the original eyelashes to fall off, but it is normal for the eyelashes to fall off.

Therefore, choose a certified and professional lash studio, good quality lash, and a reliable eyelash artist to work on your eyes.


(*picture from instagram @blinkbeauty_exe)

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