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Eyelash Extensions Application Details

Eyelash Extensions Application Details

Have you wondered how are the eyelash extensions are applied? And how could do different look when putting on lash extensions? The importance of doing lash extensions is lash artist, their aesthetic and taste determine how you look after applying lash extensions. The followings are the details for lash extensions application.

Before applying the eyelashes, the eyelash artist us ually chooses the appropriate style of eyelashes extensions look according to the customer's eye shape, but after the application is completed, it is easy to neglect to check whether the shape of the eyelashes is ideal as expected. If the shape of the extensions does not meet the requirements, adjust the shape of the eyelashes as soon as possible when the glue is not completely dried. Check if the length and measurement of the grafted eyelashes are coordinated,

If it is not coordinated, it must be adjusted in time, so as to present the perfect eyelash beauty effect.

Don't blindly pursue thickness

Many customers will blindly pursue thickening when doing eyelash extensions and think thicker and better, but if you put multiple false eyelashes on one eyelash, it will do great harm to your own eyelashes. Therefore, before applying eyelashes, the eyelash artist should give reasonable suggestions based on the actual situation of the customer.

The amount of glue should be appropriate

Many novice eyelash artists will get too much glue when applying glue due to hand hygiene, causing the glue to flow all over the skin.

The correct method is: when applying glue, be sure to stick the false eyelashes to the real eyelashes when the false eyelashes do not produce drop-like glue, and follow the distance 0.5-1.5mm from the root of the real eyelashes until the eyelashes are glued. At the same time, keep the curvature of the hair tip upward, because this will ensure that the real eyelashes and the false eyelashes are completely stuck together.

 Gesture details

Many novice eyelash artists directly clamp the false eyelashes at a right angle, or clamp the false eyelashes inwardly. This is not only inconvenient to operate, but also easy to make mistakes.

The correct method is: when you use tweezers to grab the false eyelashes, be sure to clamp the upper middle position, and the direction of the clamping should be determined according to the growth direction of the real eyelashes, so that the movement is the most natural and smooth, and it will not appear to be twisted.

Check if the eyelashes are falling off

After the eyelash grafting is completed, use a special eyelash comb for combing. You can also use the eyelash inspection mirror for further inspection. If there is falling off, warped roots or unsatisfactory grafting, it needs to be filled and trimmed. After all inspections are over, blow the glue with a hair dryer for 3-5 minutes to completely dry the glue.

Doing eyelash extensions may seem simple, but in fact every small detail is very important. This requires solid practice by eyelash artists, and professional skills can win a good reputation!

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