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Basic Knowledge of Eyelashes ②

Basic Knowledge of Eyelashes ②

Fourth, the relationship between eyelash grafting and real eyelashes

When grafting eyelashes, you need to pay special attention to the eyelash growth cycle. After entering the resting period, the eyelashes will fall off naturally like hair. In this case, if the artificial eyelashes are grafted and the customer does not know the growth of the eyelashes, they may mistakenly think that the eyelashes will fall off, and the impression of the store and the eyelash artist will be worse. Although it is a natural phenomenon of the human body, the customer may misunderstand it, so the eyelash artist should make a full explanation. In addition, few customers feel that after removing the artificial eyelashes, the overall eyelashes are smaller and shorter than before. This may be because it is just in the resting phase or early stage of eyelashes. It is also possible that hormonal disorder and excessive stress disrupt the growth cycle. A large amount of local eyelashes may fall off because of excessive pressure and physical discomfort. We believe that professional eyelash artists need to have a good understanding of the structure of eyelashes and the growth cycle of eyelashes in order to explain the growth cycle of eyelashes and natural shedding to customers when grafting, so as to prevent customers from mistakenly thinking that eyelashes fall off naturally after grafting Bad consequences.

Fifth, can everyone have eyelash extensions?

Under normal circumstances, everyone can graft eyelashes, but the effect varies from person to person. Of course, the quality of eyelash extension depends on the quality of the customer's own eyelashes. After grafting the eyelashes, it will not only be thick and curled, but will also grow a lot. At the same time, high-quality eyelashes and grafting glue will make the customer's eyelashes look more natural and more comfortable. On the contrary, if the eyelashes are too sparse and thin, it is not recommended to apply.

Sixth, will it hurt my own eyelashes when the grafted eyelashes fall off?

The customer's own eyelashes will naturally fall off due to the growth cycle, so of course the false eyelashes grafted on the customer's own eyelashes will fall off. If the customer likes to pull it and pull it, it will not only pull off its own eyelashes, but also easily cause damage to its eyes. If the customer does not want to let the grafted eyelashes stay on the eyes, it is recommended that they go to a professional eyelash grafting shop for professional removal, and do not pull them by hand.


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