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The Wrong Way of Applying Lash Extensions

The Wrong Way of Applying Lash Extensions

Lash extensions, are designed according to the shape of the eyes, which are distinct and realistic eyelashes, which can make women’s eyes instantly larger and more beautiful. Everyone can have long and curled eyelashes. Eyelashes are grafted onto real eyelashes one by one. It sounds very simple, but also has common wrong way to apply lash extensions.

Let’s take a look at the common wrong eyelash extension methods

Mistake 1:  The lash extensions are too far from the root

Mistake 2: The false eyelashes are applied on the thin hair

Mistake 3: One eyelash applied too many false eyelashes

Mistake 4: Stick to your own eyelashes, graft one or more false eyelashes

Mistake 5: The false eyelashes are not grafted onto the eyelashes, but are stuck to the eyelids

Mistake 6: Wrong direction of applied eyelashes

When doing eyelashes, avoid the above common mistakes and use correct eyelash extension methods, which will make more attactive look. 

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