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Why I Love Lash Extensions

Why I Love Lash Extensions

There are quite a few benefits for doing eyelash extensions but I deeply doubt that at first. Is it really that amazing? You'll believe it when you finish your first experience. I'm definitely addicted. Trust me, you'll save more than time and money.

1. More time-saving.

The length of lashes will enhance your eyes and features so I spent too much time curling my lashes and applying mascara, it will waste at least 15 minutes or more. Things changed when I do the lash extensions. Since these extensions are attached to your natural lashes, you won’t have to use mascara to make your eyes appear brighter – you may even go out with no eye makeup on and still hear nothing but compliments! Thus, the time you spend on your face while getting ready will be considerably cut down. Why not use the extra time to sleep more. Besides, even eye shades are redundant.


2. No mascara anymore

Even the good and expensive mascara will disturb your eye makeup. But fadlash eyelash extensions won't. Makeup protecting in hot summer. Waterproof especial for swimming. Worry about being dark and messy for your eye makeup? Believe me, that was never gonna happen. More important, taking off your makeup at night instantly becomes easier, too.


3. Provide confidence

What if I don't have full and volume lashes as born? Lashes indeed will improve one's beauty, most women used to depend on mascara for getting long, voluminous lashes, but mascara will make your lashes caking then extensions naturally beautify your eyelashes by giving them a darker, fuller look – and hence, make your eyes look more beautiful. Thus bring confidence to you.

4. Money-saving

Women usually want to look younger than their real age so they put too much makeup on their eyes. Lash extensions are the best replace thing for eye shadow and eyeliners, etc. Save your money on the cosmetics and invest on lash extensions 

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